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  1. Outback Trailgater

    Wait. What. Your glass. It is attached to your tailgate.
  2. Delaware Diver Down Seat Covers

    I have a set for $120 plus $20 shipping
  3. Florida JL Sport, Mudflaps, fenders, shocks, muffler

    I was taking a holiday. I’m back in North Alabama now.

    All the lights work on the outside. It is just the dash that says the fender are out. Just weird. The inside flasher (Left/right) blinks fast as if a light is out but when you walk around the Jeep everything outside flash’s fine.

    I may take it back and see if they will redo it. The dealer fired the Service Manager who was easy to talk to. He understood what quality was. He always made things right. The service manager now is the one prior to him. A real shit bag.

    One more observation / question. My halos and fender DRL come on. The halos seem less bright than the fender DRL. Also looks like the dealer ran a wire across the top of the radiator. Where the hood and grill meets. It just doesn’t look right to me.

    Ok, I have the 2018 JL Sahara. I upgrade to the paintable hightop fender flares with LED. Dealer installed and flashed. Hyper flash. Installed the Tazer LJ Mini. Problem fixed. Upgraded to the Mopar steel front bumper with Mopar LED fog lamps, Mopar LED tail lamps, and finally Mopar LED head...
  8. Is there anywhere realistic to overland in or near East Tennessee?

    All good information. I am in North Alabama and want to start exploring the South East. I have a Jeep Extreme Trail Rated Camper. Pretty much restored everything. All I need to do to finish the resto is put the snaps on the new tent and the articulating hitch on the tongue.
  9. Florida JL Sport, Mudflaps, fenders, shocks, muffler

    I’m in Orange Beach, AL. How far are you?
  10. Texas Bikini pearl hard top

    I did not realize that color was called pearl. I agree on the tan/saddle interior. I have the Sahara Granite with black cloth seats. I hope this Christmas to get the Katskin saddle interior. Great color combo. Next Christmas I think I will get the tan/saddle Premium soft top. Big fan of tan...
  11. Texas Bikini pearl hard top

    Edit your original post. I am also curious. Post some pictures of your rig with top.
  12. Things you have learned the Hard way about owning a Jeep.

    Not all winch's work with the Mopar Steel Bumper. Good thing I have more than one Jeep.
  13. Things you have learned the Hard way about owning a Jeep.

    Good point CT. It is also hot and humid here in Alabama. Arrive at destination, sweaty, (sunburnt/bald), and hot.
  14. Alabama 2018 Sahara take off parts.

    I may be coming to the coast next week. Let me know.
  15. Alabama 2018 Sahara take off parts.

    North Alabama. Yes I have the front and rear with liners.
  16. First Round of Mods + Red Seat Belts!

    nice touches. Very well thought out. I like your adaptation of the flashlight to the ice scrapper. Stroke of genius. Stay Golden Pony Boy.
  17. Delaware Diver Down Seat Covers

    $150 shipped?
  18. Tennessee JKU Rancho Tube Doors w/Spiderwebshade Skins & Mirrors

    If these are still available, I will check with a buddy that has a JKU.
  19. Alabama Soft top - 2019 Wrangler Unlimited 4D

    About 5 hours for me. I am in Guntersville, AL. I am also looking for the tan soft top.