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  1. BUYER BEWARE: FCA Will Lie To Win

    Mine sat at a dealers lot for 3 months awaiting parts. No big. FCA took care of me and my situation. I asked for a little help here, little help there and I got it. I was just happy to get her back.
  2. Floor Mats

    Anytime the doors were off, they would flop around incessantly...the back flew out once. Ended up having to put something heavy on it every time. If there was a lock to keep them down like the mopar ones, i would revisit the weathertechs.
  3. GPCA Cargo Cover Knockoffs

    your random example looks like a better fitment. the gpca one looks like it sags way to much and would flap around incessantly. I don't have one, just going by the pics.
  4. Rain gutters.

    I used sugru...that moldable plastic stuff. Works well so far.
  5. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I have the sot top. I blended it in so it doesn't stick out. Don't even notice it's there.
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I took some "moldable" sugru. Made a flush block at the end of the channel with it. Hasn't rained of course, since I did it. But it should work !
  7. Best floor mat manufacturer?

    Theya are all kinda good with the exception of weather tech. They will blow all over the place in the second row, when top and doors are off...sometimes even out of the jeep.
  8. Floor Mats

    I went Mopar ... my buddy has the quadratec ones. They are cool too, but too many channels to clean. Had weathertechs in my JK and they were awful. I would never buy a set of them again.
  9. Quadratec Extreme Floor mat review

    And it is super slick. No grip at all. Things slide all over the back.
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    It's one of the most underrated mods...along with bedlining the front grill. :CWL:
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    now paint that muffler black and you are all set!
  12. New Jeep, spare part in floor board?

    If you are looking from the back with the gate open...either left or right where the rear quarter meets the top. Each bolt on the JK had a sleeve similar to this. I don't have a hard top on my JL...and this looks a little different than the JK's do. I was making an educated guess
  13. DIY Grill Disassemble and Plasti Dip

    Just skip the derp (plasti-dip) altogether and bedline it. Much easier to do and easier to clean.
  14. New Jeep, spare part in floor board?

    Do you have a hard top? Looks the the brackets that slide into the grooves so you can secure the hard top to the body.
  15. Front Vanity Plate Mounting Options

    I just drilled. No big. All these brackets won't fit our Sport S models.
  16. The clutch gang!

    [ It doesn't sound normal. If it makes the same noise even in neutral, what makes you think it’s the transmission and not any other rolling part? I don't think it's the transmission personally. The dealership I took it to said it was...and obviously it wasn't because i just got a new one...
  17. The clutch gang!

    Yes. When I push the clutch in,(whether coasting a bit or up/down shifting) the noise starts and continues until I put it into another gear and let off the clutch...and it also does it even in neutral with my foot off the clutch if I coast at all. I feather it to, and downshift mostly..but this...
  18. The clutch gang!

    QUOTE="OldGuyNewJeep, post: 482128, member: 11059"]I’ve not tried shifting to 1st while moving, but sounds like it’s working as designed. Can you record the sound you’re getting so we can better understand what you’re dealing with? I don't shift into first at a high speed, but..say, coming to...
  19. The clutch gang!

    just picked mine up after 4 weeks of waiting on a transmission...(please read the next sentence in Sam Kinison's voice)...that apparently I didn't need because it is still making the same #&@*$&! noise. And I can't shift into 1st unless I am at a complete stop. so, it's now worse than...
  20. Beniki top

    RussJeep1, you are right...but i laughed out loud at GRAK's post...Quetila . And I am still laugning. Cause it was...well, funny