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  1. Jeep Wrangler 4xe Hybrid Revealed With 50 MPG-E, 375 Horsepower/470 LB-FT Torque!

    WOW, that is impressive. Any indication on what the pricing will be?
  2. Came close to upgrading to a Rubi.

    Emissions on the diesel are 50state legal. You're only having to fill up the DEF tank every once in a while. It's not a big deal for that 400ftlbs of glorious torque. The real reason to get something else is the $4000 premium for the engine. That said, I liked the 2.0 enough that I was ready...
  3. Came close to upgrading to a Rubi.

    Soooooo close, yet so far away. My wife took our Jeep to the dealer for an oil change and tire rotation last week. While there she found 2020 Sarge Green Rubi with the beige interior and color matched roof/fenders. She even texted me a picture so I replied back to her to go ahead and test...
  4. Be careful out there

    We hit Argentine Pass in Georgetown, CO last weekend. On the way out, it started raining pretty good and the dirt got loose near the drop offs. A CJ in front of us went off the road when the edge gave loose. He ran into, and knocked over, an Aspen. The driver and passenger were in their 70s and...
  5. Falling trade in values?

    Agreed, but the HEROES act isn’t getting past the Senate without massive changes.
  6. Falling trade in values?

    As of Jan 2020, China held $1.1trillion. They are 2nd to Japan at $1.27trillion. Foreign holders of US debt total a little less than $6Trillion The biggest part of US debt is inter-govermental lending. That’s basically IOUs to Social Security and it makes up 26% of the entire national debt...
  7. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    The vast vast vast vast vast majority of potential customers doesn’t care because they barely know of its existence. To be clear, Ford isn’t delaying the start of production. They are delaying the start of their marketing for the Bronco. Production wasn’t scheduled to start until the fall at...
  8. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    I can’t help but think how much the rear looks like the JL. Non-Jeep owners won’t notice the difference until they get to the front. That said, I think the Wrangler has some real competition. One concern I have is that Ford dealers will be able to differentiate this by pointing out the...
  9. First real life look at Sarge Green JL [more photos added]

    Nah, don’t touch the jacket. You can easily get something at a thrift or Army/Navy store. I’ve still got several pairs of BDUs I can use. I could even put some old unit patches on there. Now I have a real problem. My wife LOVES the color. My Ocean Blue JLUS may be getting traded for a JLUR...
  10. First real life look at Sarge Green JL [more photos added]

    Y'all do realize it is SUPER EASY to fix that, right? BTW, the Brown interior doesn't usually have a red dash. Heck yea! Maybe I can wrap it with material from my old BDUs.. hahaha..
  11. 2020 Jeep Wrangler High Altitude Edition Announced

    There is a market for this and EVERYONE should be happy that more Wranglers are getting sold.
  12. Jeep Wrangler 4xe will be name of PHEV Hybrid Electric model. Coming late 2020

    This is cool and interesting but not for me. If I'm going electric, I'm going 100% electric. I also want at least 500miles of range. Giving it Supercharger compatibility would help as well.
  13. January is here. No Sarge Green yet

    I kinda hope it doesn’t come out. My wife will want to trade hers in for one if it does.
  14. Colorado Free Sport S Bumper parts.

    How the heck did I not notice that. Thanks, I’ll do that in a bit.
  15. Colorado Free Sport S Bumper parts.

    Hey folks, I was holding onto my old sport S bumper and trim pieces but now I'd rather have the garage space. So if you or anyone you know needs these parts, hit me up and they're yours. I'm in Erie, CO, just north of Denver. Local pickup only. PM me if you want them.
  16. The Raptor

    The Raptor

  17. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    I love calling things vaporware when they never show up but Ford has said from the beginning that it would be here in 2021 and so far they seem to be sticking to the schedule.
  18. Sarge Green? Is it gonna happen?

    I’m not sure I want it to come out anytime soon. My wife will insist I trade in her red Wrangler for one.
  19. Dual Top group or Soft top in stock?

    @uawho, get the pricing worksheet from the thread at the top of this forum. Work out exactly what you want on that spreadsheet before you go to the dealer. The spreadsheet also shows you the percentage off invoice for the final pricing. Use this to help with negotiation. As for the top, IMO...