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  1. BIKINI Wrangler JL Club

    We made it out to a cruise at the weekend. 200+ vehicles went around 4 local seniors homes (including the one where my wife works).
  2. If Jeep has made a better color... I haven't seen it.

    Thanks, an EBay find - still looking for a pair of the sunglasses ones that won’t break the bank too much.
  3. Black and Tan tops - which to keep?

    I would suggest keeping the Tan top but switching out / painting your wheels bronze to co-ordinate a bit more. That said black is the path of least resistance. I nearly ordered a Tan top for my Bikini 2 door but in the end it came down to there being nothing else of that color palette on the...
  4. If Jeep has made a better color... I haven't seen it.

    Have to agree but might be biased. That said I also like HellaYella, Firecracker Red & Gecko Green.
  5. 2019 2 Door Rubicon, Bikini - Pretty Yet Purposeful Build

    I’m mostly leaning towards Bikini - deciding if I should add another element to it or not.
  6. Who has their top down?

    Have the sunburn to show for it too - no
  7. 2019 2 Door Rubicon, Bikini - Pretty Yet Purposeful Build

    A quick shot after taking part in a cruise around a few local seniors homes.
  8. 2019 2 Door Rubicon, Bikini - Pretty Yet Purposeful Build

    I had noticed the axle wasn’t quite centered perfectly and decided to treat myself to an adjustable track bar. The axle is now centered but i need to find a straight piece of road with no weird camber to check if I successfully recentred the steering wheel properly.
  9. Bestop Hoss storage cart with my JL top?

    I have my hardtop on one of those now. It’s ok but it leans forwards whereas my JK top sat pretty much upright on it. Still stable enough to be moved around and not worry about it tipping over (2 door top).
  10. Any engine with ESS

    I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. It only kicks in when the engine is warmed up and only while the vehicle is in gear with the brake depressed and at a full stop. The button to turn it off is easily accessible and simple to use plus I have the Tazer Mini which could disable it...
  11. 2019 2 Door Rubicon, Bikini - Pretty Yet Purposeful Build

    My next few projects are lining up: A Teraflex IR Adjustable Track Bar is on the way, I found a pair of Warn D-Ring Mounts that got lost under a pile of my wife’s garage junk - I’ll have to see if those will work in conjunction with the Maximus 3 Stinger as I think they share a mounting...
  12. I need a quick favor pls

    Having never lost a bolt before (dropped into the abyss of an engine bay, yes, just plain lost one, no) I decided to tear apart the garage to see where the heck I would have put them........hidden under some body moulding tape, 4 of the small ones (hinge/lock to bracket bolts) & 6 of the big...
  13. I need a quick favor pls

    I didn’t see those - the first thread has a part number in it - I’m sending that to the parts guy to see if it matches what he found (if not to rider 4 anyway, just in case). Appreciate the extra pair of eyes on the old threads :) Part# 06512230AA btw
  14. I need a quick favor pls

    The parts dept. at this dealer are fairly helpful - at least they spent time looking....most are not as helpful.
  15. I need a quick favor pls

    I looked at that - since the bolt usage names don’t match the part names it wasn’t super helpful.
  16. I need a quick favor pls

    Somehow, over winter I misplaced all the bolts for the soft top (top rail and the ones that hold the locking mechanism to the roll cage bracket). Could someone pull a top rail bolt and take a picture next to a ruler/tape measure and the same for the bolts that hold the locking mechanism to the...
  17. Dash painting project - opinions and tips welcomed

    I picked up a spare set of dash panels last night and plan to have them painted / maybe give it a try myself. For those that have done this already what prep did you do to ensure proper paint adhesion (I presume a light sanding, cleaning but any specific primer types used)? Also, I’m torn...
  18. Jeep(ish) weekend project

    The Jeep logos seem to be stained rather than painted - or at least the black has penetrated the surface a bit. No problems with adhesion. I’ve used the all in one before with good results. I sanded the whole crate smooth, the grain has raised a bit but I think that would happen regardless.
  19. Jeep(ish) weekend project

    I think we have the same products - the main stain used is here. I used a gel stain in espresso for the base but won’t use a gel again - it has taken forever to dry out properly and stop stinking the house out.