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  1. Would you be deterred from buying a Sahara with accident on its Carfax?

    I wouldn't touch it. Plenty of fish in the sea rather than roll the dice on that one.
  2. Anyone from here attend this? "Nearly 200 people arrested, two shot during the 'Go Topless Jeep Weekend"

    I went the weekend after topless last year. Fun and no issues.
  3. Black and Tan tops - which to keep?

    Tan looks best. I have it on the Ocean Blue.
  4. Adding remote start

    Not sure about the Wrangler but I installed a Fortin EVO-ONE on the wife's Mazda back last fall. Plug and play for around $200. She just has to push her OEM remote lock button 3 times and it will auto-start. No extra FOB but it doesn't do anything else like the Wrangler OEM setup - heat kicks on...
  5. Who has their top down?

    Yep, had the top down and doors off for 6 weeks in DFW but put them on last Sunday night due to having to drive back to work with rain on Tuesday. Rain is over today so at least the top is going back down today.
  6. Anyone else have OCD or Quirky behavior?

    1) Pull the parking brake every time I stop, even with my auto. I can't stand the transmission clunk when it has tension after being parked. Plus I was taught 40 years ago this isn't good on the transmission. 2) Odometer reset was an item when I drove a vehicle with good gas mileage but stopped...
  7. Bummed after soft top vandalized :/

    Locking hood latches? Get the bolt hood lock that's part of the grill and you can key to your FOB key. I have the Jeep backbone for rear storage but the slipstream or tuffy versions securely store too. I never lock the console or glovebox for the same reason - a smash and grab they'll just bust...
  8. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    If it continues to work reliably, great. I constantly use it for Waze and my Amazon music lists. Long trips I'll plug my phone in since it charges but short trips which may be a few minutes to an hour I'll use wireless. Driving shouldn't require a pre-flight checklist. ESS off, check. Phone...
  9. First Oil Change, what is the filter cap threading supposed to feel like?

    Yep. Owned a 1988 Olds Calais. Screw off the big plastic cap from the bottom of the oil pan. Skinless filter with a gasket would then be seen. Grab with pliers as the filter and 4qts of oil came out in 1 second.
  10. U-Connect Issues

    May sound dumb but I've been having issues this past week with the uconnect connection and carplay. Rebooted my iPhone to fix.
  11. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    So I spent a couple of hours messing with this device between doing actual work at home. Deleted all bluetooth connections and setup once again. I finally realized my USB wasn't showing Carplay now and recognized my iPhone as an iPod. So down the path of pulling F11, F51, F97 and F102 fuses...
  12. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    I've had that plus more issues. Drove 15 miles yesterday in a constant loop of trying to connect. Unplugged/plugged back in and tried both usb ports. Finally went into my phone's bluetooth and clicked uconne-c251 connection and it worked. This morning, nothing works. Wifi shows uconnect9c and...
  13. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    It should have taken 10 days to receive mine but the local FedEx office sat on it for 2 weeks. Jury is still out on mine. After a few days it was quirky on connecting. Though mine was shipped in April, it was missing the latest update from a few months ago. I've updated the software and only...
  14. Auto start/stop bypass question

    Many of us own the SmartStopStart device too.
  15. Made in the USA

    Some items are "made in the usa" which sometimes is just the final assembly with the material and all components made elsewhere. Cheating the system has been around a long time for that label.
  16. 2019 Soft Top

    If you don't pull up on the bottom tab by the bracket when installing, it doesn't want to align since the tabs will fold up. At least that was my issue the first time or two.
  17. Jeep owners household income

    Ha! I can "somewhat" relate to that! Not the rich part but I've owned convertible sport cars and I'm fully aware I do not look graceful crawling out of one.
  18. Hood Strut Kit

    Installed mine today. I received mine early in the week but unfortunately, I lost one of the plates in the hood when the screw slipped out - my fault and I'm sure this isn't the first customer to loose a plate. I installed the other side but neither screw would fully tighten. I pulled that...
  19. Carplay2air??? Wireless carplay dongle

    Mine finally arrived today. Shipped April 8th and arrived May 2nd. Plugged into the console usb so it's out of sight. Just connected via BT and works without issue. Turned off the power and turned back on with an instant connection though I'd expect a long delay with everything powering back up...
  20. Instrument Cluster Failure

    Mine did that the same day I bought it. Driving down the road with probably 15 miles on it, cluster and radio went dark, a few miles later it all came back. That was just over a year ago so your cause might be different. Mine hasn't done this since.