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  1. Idaho The Western BOH Void

    As I suggested in another thread, the BoH team will be looking for depth of engagement, so the more people who've actually run the trail and can explain in their own words why it is a must-see trail for Jeepers, the more likely the trail will be considered.
  2. Washington No boh trails in Washington!

    I imagine it has to do with the number of people who recommend the trail. Perhaps have all your Jeep-owning friends recommend the best trail...
  3. Smittybilt XRC Gen2 Front Bumper

    Some on this thread have reported that they had to do some grinding of the frame and bumper to install a Warn ZEON 10-S. Was this your experience too? Did you attach the winch to the bumper before installing the bumper, or after? Thanks!
  4. Affordable Rotopax mount for spare tire

    I have @Blu bi Kong's plate too. It is incredibly stout and has worked very well for me. I use it with the Rotopax locking mount and the Fuelpax 3.5 gallon container. Rotopax disclaim using that mount and container together, but I've had no problems.
  5. How well do the safety packages work?

    I did exactly was this user did. I'm not sad I bought the feature. All-in-all less annoying that the similar stuff on our Subaru.
  6. Auto windows (Up & Down)

    I work in product development in a totally different sector. I often share product futures with select, trusted customers to get their feedback regarding interest, function, etc. Talking about futures with trusted customers ultimately benefits us both, and is totally different from offering a...
  7. Difficult to engage 4 wheel drive shift lever on JLU

    This was my experience too. First trip out was rather disconcerting; now there are no problems. I didn't bother with a different shifter--just muscled it for the first three or four times. Not sure if the improvement is a function of the number of times I've gone in and out of 4H, or the total...
  8. Plug under cowl

    The OP does mention a 2018 in his profile, but it looks to me as though the FB post to which he refers mentions a 2019.
  9. 67 Designs Arm and GoPro Mount: Polished vs Matte Option

    As part of trying to make the dash on my Jeep look like the bridge of the starship Enterprise, I have seven 67d CF arms—all matte. But that is 100% my personal taste. I can't see the polished ones causing any ill effects. I wonder if the CFO will sign off on a GoPro...
  10. Rear Seat RAM Mount Prototype

    How about a 20mm (67d-sized) ball?
  11. 2018 JLUR performance mod consideration - feedback please

    True. It's also important to cite facts about how much gain one can expect to realize. For example, with the aFe CAI you mentioned, the manufacturer says up to a 12% increase in HP and torque; I assume that by "up to" it will likely be less in many real-world scenarios. Is that worth the price...
  12. Removing Rubicon hood decal?

    Doc Rock
  13. All rotopax mount options

    I have a @Blu bi Kong plate. It's incredibly stout, yet subtle when I run with the rotopax off.
  14. What is this called and how can I get accessories for it?

    I broke down and tried google. I found this: There are probably more.
  15. ROAM JL Stealth Snorkel

    I think Jerry was making a dad joke.
  16. SmartStopStart Install Experience

    I am also a big guy. So I handed my #3 son the SmartStopStart module and the instructions. Installation was a breeze after that.
  17. Programming fog lights to stay on with high beams

    To use the live functions of the Tazer, it must be installed, which requires a firewall bypass. The firewall is not a safety feature; it is a security feature that prevents hackers from having access to your vehicle systems. You can use the Tazer for vehicle settings then remove the Tazer and...
  18. Programming fog lights to stay on with high beams

    Smart Stop Start is a plug-in to disable ESS that, unlike the Tazer, does not disable the firewall--but that's all it does; you'd still need a Tazer for programming things like fog light behavior. If you're not concerned about the risks associated with disabling the security of your vehicle...
  19. What do people think of the teraflex nomads?

    In your chats with Teraflex, did they give you a release date?
  20. Introducing our new Mule Ultra Mid-Rack

    I think it's clear now how I'd attach a cargo net or something like that, but otherwise I'm stumped. I've searched the Expedition One Store for useful accessories to use with your proprietary load bars, and find nothing. You know, how do I attach a spare? A Jerry can? Rotopax? Maxtrax? A shovel...