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  1. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    That’s the lift I’m looking at! Please let us know how it rides compared to the stock suspension.
  2. Paint Protection Films (3M-Xpel-Suntek) or Ceramic

    Looking to get Xpel soon, but wanted some feedback from others as to what you think is the ideal level of coverage. A lot of folks say "as much as you can afford" or "any painted surface", but then again that could be the difference of $2k for essentially full front end, a pillars, rocker panels...
  3. Mopar Extended Factory Warranty

    I just got an email from Mopar regarding extended warranties. Curious if anyone is looking to get one. I called and these were the prices they were quoting: 5 year/60k miles for $1015 6 year/75k miles for $1520 8 year/125k miles for $2650 Note - they don't offer unlimited mileage warranties...
  4. Start of 3.0 Production

    Picked up my JLUR today! I absolutely love this thing. Already swapped out the antenna for a 12" stubby one, added some salex center console organizers and a Mopar screen protector all before leaving the dealership!
  5. Start of 3.0 Production

    Spoke with my dealer today, according to their rep, it is in transit and should arrive in the next 2-3 days! What is interesting is that she mentioned (according to the rep) that the diesels are first shipped to some location where they receive additional inspections/approval before they are...
  6. Start of 3.0 Production

    My Jeep is in JS status as of today :(
  7. Start of 3.0 Production

    Added mine. Currently in paint, according to Jeep Chat
  8. 3.0 diesel order tracking thread

    Ordered mine 10/28 and was in "J" status as of today.
  9. Start of 3.0 Production

    The export version gets the 2.2L diesel. I’m nearly certain the 3.0L diesel is exclusively for North America
  10. Start of 3.0 Production

    D1 status as of 12/12. Estimated production start date of 1/06. 210603. Ordered 10/28. Recommend calling Jeep customer service instead of using Jeep chat. They escalated my case and I had an email response within two days. Also, my dealer got a response from their rep today, which isn't...
  11. Start of 3.0 Production

    I don't think it's reasonable to assume that because two vehicles had 3-3.5 month EPA certification timelines from when they were initially tested by the press, the same will hold true for the diesel JL. For one, the testing could be different for hybrid and electric vehicles. Second, perhaps...
  12. Post your extended warranty price here

    I shot him a note as well (two weeks ago), including a follow up. No response.
  13. Start of 3.0 Production

    Learned something new today. Did not realize the EPA did their testing here.
  14. Start of 3.0 Production

    FCA is in Auburn Hills, not Ann Arbor. FYI
  15. Who's ordered 3.0 diesel? Share your build

    At least 5% off factory invoice
  16. Who's ordered 3.0 diesel? Share your build

    I've got the FCA executive discount :rock:
  17. Who's ordered 3.0 diesel? Share your build

    Ordered my JL last Sunday. Definitely excited!