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  1. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    I took a ride in the Maine woods. Still some snow on Mt Washington NH.
  2. Lame question, First Time Jeeper: bigger tires, no 8th gear on highway. What to change?

    I used a GPS phone app with the phone not plugged into the jeep to compare speed against the speedo. Used a flash cal like this that plugs into a terminal behind bottom of the glove box...
  3. Documentation about IBS system - arguing with dealer

    My gauge always shows 14V when running. My Harley is the same.
  4. First oil change at the dealer - what oil options do I have?

    Depends in which motor. The 2.0LT uses SN plus 5-30w. The dealer spec for this is Pennzoil. I use the SN plus for boosted engines by Amsoil. Dealers can't seem to get that its only 5 Qts not 6 like the previous models.
  5. Downsides to no LSD on 6 speed?

    You'll be fine without LSD. The BLD works well. My first jeep had 3:08 axles and open diffs. After learning with that going from a TJ Rubicon to a Sport with BLD only.......I have no regrets. The JL is a mountain goat compared to my first YJ.
  6. Tips for finding trails to explore.

    I found this web site thats pretty cool that when you zoom in and click on an area it will show you property parcels. Its called Here's why that's cool. I search google earth for areas where I can see mountain trails. Clicking on the history button shows you a slider where you...
  7. Tips for Offroad Beginners

    Excellent point! Obstacles that now seem easy with lots of experience seemed intimidating when I first started off roading. I still get some riding with me that say "you're gonna go thru or over that ??? Usually they are freaked out. I know pretty well what the jeep can do and sometimes it...
  8. Tips for Offroad Beginners

    Exactly! And know your low points (axle differentials and drive shafts in the middle, and shock mounts just inside of your tires. You have the most clearance at the rocker panels or where your tires are and you can get home with a dent but not with a broken driveshaft or axle. Some things I...
  9. Maine JL owners?

    Now that the snow is gone, Ive been exploring some areas that look like there are many trails. I google things about areas i see trails on google earth. Then search for "hiking in XYZ Maine.....and read hikers blogs and occasionally find comments like "its a popular area for jeepers," or...
  10. Can you put bigger tires on the stock Wrangler JL wheels?

    stock rims are 7.5" wide. Tire manufacturer lists minimum width as 7.5" for 285/70/17 or 295/70/17. Many have larger on stock rims, but I prefer staying within recommended ranges listed by brand. Some tire shops may also not mount them if too wide for recommended rim width.
  11. Who actually takes their JL offroad?

    Sure do take a trip thru the woods.
  12. 4 Lo for downhill; whirring sound the whole way?

    When near idle speed lo range crawling with no airflow thru the radiator the cooling fan will run frequently, as compared to not at all when highway driving. I highly doubt hill decent will overheat the brakes using it often since you are only going a few MPH when in manual mode lo range using...
  13. 2 Door JL Sport ONLY - Let's see them!

    Sport 2" spacers 305/65 tires.
  14. Another Member JLU Collision Report (with video)

    My significant other always asks "why do you pay attention to people behind you so much?" I always stop a car length behind the car in front when approaching a stop sign or light and pay attention to those approaching from behind. its amazing how fast some approach and brake at the last minute...
  15. Choppy tire wear on Rubicon KO2s

    Rotate them at 3-4K to keep them from getting noisy or rough riding. Of the 3 Jeeps I've owned, they have all chewed up front tires if you don't rotate them sooner than you would with a car.........Especially MT's.
  16. I went from Rubicon to Sport. AMA

    I was originally shopping for a 2 dr Rubicon..........Then found a new Sport on a lot with dealer added lift, wheels, tires, lites and running boards that looked pretty sweet/beefy compared to a stock Sport. Started thinking that most of the off roading I have done, I rarely used...
  17. I went from Rubicon to Sport. AMA

    It had the original exhaust system still on it (though the muffler was starting to come apart along the seams), and 174,000 miles. One front u joint replaced, and new axle seals at around 100,000 miles. The windshield was changed so many times and not sealed correctly. There was a big hole where...
  18. I went from Rubicon to Sport. AMA

    I went from a 2003 Rubi auto with LSD, no Elect Disco no trac control, to a Sport with HT window tint and AC. Not disappointed. Never needed used the lockers much. The BLD works nicely with some practice. Have gone same places the Rubicon would go. Clearance is about the same with 2.5 OME...