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  1. Vent control Problem?

    I have a 2019 JLUR and just noticed that when I tried to change the vent settings from blowing from the floor to the dash vents that when I push the button it changes on the screen but the air doesn’t blow out of any particular vent. It has a very weak flow coming out of all vents? I’m...
  2. California WTB Firecracker Red JLUR fenders

    I am looking for JLUR Firecracker Red Fenders. Will pay for shipping or will send for pickup. Thank You !!!!
  3. California WTB Firecracker Red Fenders JLUR and Hardtop

    Looking to buy take off Firecracker Red fenders and Hartop 2018 JLUR
  4. California WTB Firecracker Red Fenders

    I’m looking for Front and rear OEM fenders for JLU Firecracker Red.
  5. California WTT plus $ Black Hardtop for Firecracker Red Hardtop

    I have a Black Textured Hardtop off of a 2018 JLU that is in perfect condition that I would like to trade for a Firecracker Red hardtop plus cash in my end.
  6. California Looking for Firecraker Red JL Roof and Fenders

    I have a 2018 Firecraker Red JL that I just bought and wanted the matching roof and fenders. I purchased one with a black roof and fenders so I'm looking to either trade or buy???