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  1. Quietest MTs?

    I just went from 315/70r17 BFG KO2 to 37x12.5x17 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/T. Used a decibel meter app and the old tires were 63-64db, the new ones were 64-65db, both at 70mph. The new ones were a little lower frequency too. Very pleased with how little noise they added.
  2. Lift with Stock Rubi Wheels

    @Jeep4Win did a Mopar lift on his 2 door, I'm pretty sure he didn't need to add wheel spacers.
  3. High Tide ARB Differential Install

    Hey welcome. Can't verify the axles but regarding the ARB covers - make sure before you start the install that the bolts are the correct thread pitch. Had one come with the wrong bolts, not fun when the factory cover is already off. You do need to mark the dipstick since the fill port is on...
  4. Shaking/rough idle

    Are you feeling the symptoms or hearing them? The other day I was hearing it at the same times as you (park —> R/D) and it turned out this bolt holding the transmission cooler lines had backed out. In my case it was pounding a hole into that silver belly pan mount. Of course tightening the...
  5. Switched from 33's to 37's: What gear?

    Well I think I have to agree with y’all. The diesel doesn’t seem to need a regear for 37’s…. 😎. Thanks for helping me spend more money!
  6. Texas Sold: 315/70r17 BFG KO2 ~25k miles 3 tires - $80 each, $200 for all three

    Just had Discount Tire warranty out two tires (cut sidewall and unable to balance after they plugged). Used the opportunity to go up a size. Very even tread wear, 5 tire rotation, rotated every 3500. 30k on Jeep -20% = estimate of~25k miles per tire. All very close to 8mm or 10/32 tread...
  7. Diesel vs Gas JLU

    100% this Plus they always seem to just sit there with their thumb up their tailpipe. oh, and just rolled over 30k on mine. Love it.
  8. Rear driver side ground bolt

    Personally I wouldn’t use a bolt holding the seat belt. I wouldn’t want to compromise that connection. I’d go to the tub near where it is mounted, drill a hole, scuff the paint off, put in a bolt and ring terminal, then cover it with silicone or RTV when I was done.
  9. MY 21 One touch top

    I had a ticking sound myself but fortunately it only happened on the passenger side with the top open. I listened the bolts enough that I could run a pipe cleaner with glycerin on it between the top and roll bar. Then I tightened the bolts to spec which, I don’t remember at the moment. It’s...
  10. Hitch Step Recommendations

    Are you trying to get up to the roof? Need it still useable with the spare on? If so this might not work.
  11. control arm to frame mount damage ?

    That’s what @Artec told me via email too so I put them on. I’m not 100% comfortable with the amount of thread past the bolt though. This is the LCA to axle, the shock bolt looks the same way
  12. Rock Krawler maintenance & All brands suspension general conversation

    Is that the only reason you dropped the axle? I think I’d like to put those in too but leaning towards spring compressors. Let us know how you like them.
  13. control arm to frame mount damage ?

    You wouldn't happen to recall what size bolts you got for the rear LCA skids would you? I'm probably going to have to order something, local stores have bad selection on hand.
  14. What bolts

    I added the mopar hitch receiver after the fact and I had to take out the two bolts going into that spacer. I then put in the receiver, reused those two bolts and two additional bolts (sorry don’t know the dize). I do have steel bumpers and I’m not sure if the plastic bumper is set up the same...
  15. Switched from 33's to 37's: What gear?

    That's what I like to hear! : ) I went to 35s within a couple of weeks of driving it home and am planning to step up to 37 this summer.
  16. Switched from 33's to 37's: What gear?

    I think the 3.0TD is the EcoDiesel. Is the 3.0TT the inline six big brother of the 2.0T? Also curious about the color coding. The diesel has 3.73 gears, does that change the regear/don't regear question for those? Edit: I re-read this thread from the beginning and I think the consensus is to...
  17. Rusty's Rock Sliders

    Hey those look good! When you have a few minutes could you get a few more pics? I'd like to see how they mount underneath and from the top down between the slider and the body.
  18. jlwranglerforums discount?

    If they don't @Northridge4x4 does
  19. Artec Alpha Series Bellypan Release

    I’ll let you bolt up a prototype on my way out to Moab in Sept. :)
  20. Video: 4xe Rubicon Wrangler on 38s RK 4.5

    Haven't had a chance to watch so apologies if you mention it in the video, but did you do a regear?