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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Brought the jeep home after having the windows tinted and a ceramic coating put on.
  2. Going to pick up my Jeep tomorrow. Any tips?

    Don’t forget to report back in with pictures!
  3. 22 wrangler order date, vin and actual deliveries.

    Yes. X9 Has to do with interior seat color
  4. Extended Warranty

    Yes, I did the mopar max care warranty. I read on here where Tom was the best contact. I reached out to him via email. He responded quickly, however, my dealer (Dan Cummins of Georgetown, KY.) gave me a better quote for the $0 deductible.
  5. Owner Oil Changes

    You may be right, but here it is off their website. https://www.dancummins.com/lifetime-powertrain-protection/
  6. Extended Warranty

    Eight year, 125,000 mile, $0 deductible. $2985
  7. 22 wrangler order date, vin and actual deliveries.

    I mentioned this to the dealer when I picked up my jeep. When I checked them, there was quite a few not seated all the way.
  8. Owner Oil Changes

    I think this may vary from dealer to dealer, as every dealership does not offer a lifetime powertrain warranty.
  9. Owner Oil Changes

    I agree. Really doesn’t matter to me anyway. I have a eight year, 125,000 mile, $0 deductible warranty.
  10. Owner Oil Changes

    I was planning on doing all of my own oil changes. However, the dealer I purchased my vehicle from offers a lifetime powertrain warranty. They said all my oil changes must be done by an ASE certified mechanic otherwise my lifetime powertrain warranty will be void. I am debating on whether it...
  11. Is there or is there not a owners manual

    I just picked up my 2022 Sahara. It came with a printed owners manual in the glove box.
  12. Thinking Of Purchasing A JL, Help?

    I purchased my jeep from Dan Cummins in Georgetown Kentucky. I live in Indiana. When I bought the jeep in Kentucky, they filed all the registration papers for Indiana and I paid Indiana sales tax. The previous post was correct, you pay taxes by your address. Concerning the extended warranty, I...
  13. Dealer Markup on Delivery?

    People recommending you walk away is not a good idea. If you walk away from the one you already have ordered and re-order, you’re going to absorb the price hike anyway, and now your wait is a lot longer! Unless you can find a dealer that’s willing to give you a better price than the one you...
  14. What are your other rides?

    Thanks for not sharing pics.:LOL:
  15. What are your other rides?

    2013 Shelby GT500 830RWHP motor built by Tim Eichorn @ MPR in Florida Installed by Fathouse Fabrications in Indiana
  16. Transmission Failed

    Ahh, that makes sense.
  17. Transmission Failed

    I don’t know why they can’t get parts. If it’s the eight speed 850 RE. It is made in Kokomo Indiana. That plant is running full speed.
  18. Jeep Wrangler is #1 Most Price Marked Up Vehicle (Over MSRP)