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  1. 37s Mickey Thompson Baja Boss ATs lots of weight to balance?

    Same here, fair amount of weight on the tires referenced in 37. They ride smooth with about 32psi for me … and great in snow.
  2. Best ever license plate?

    Got plates from the dmv a couple days ago for the Yukon, company car. Not vanity, just ‘luck of the draw.’ I’m kind of torn between its funny and own it or get a different set.
  3. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    That is the LOD signature 3/4 width bumper. We really like it and the LOD rear as well.
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Warm weekend, so installed the winch that’s been sitting in the garage since Christmas.
  5. Why Are People So Quick To Get Oversized Tires And A Lift?

    My wife daily drives our Jeep. I’ve spent the last 6 months and too much money turning it into an overcompensated mall crawler with hopes of getting her into one of the new sequoias. I would like to think I’ve made practical mods for use on more difficult trails. I’d like to start taking the...
  6. What Did You Get For Christmas?

    LOD signature mid width front bumper, LOD destroyer rear bumper, badland apex 12000, and the new sig xmacro. I wish I could say that’s going to be it for a while, but you know how it goes.
  7. Black Friday/Cyber Monday: What is on your list?

    +1 for Northridge4x4. I bought bumpers and some other small stuff from them this week…delivering tomorrow! I got to say I was worried after experiences with another vendor having inventory and delivery problems this year. These guys over-communicate on the purchase and deliver. Also, the sale on...
  8. What to charge for rubicon take off tires/wheels

    I sold qty: 5 - KO2 c rated 35s for $1100, no wheels a couple months ago. I’ve donated the other takeoffs to friends and neighbors wanting to switch their factory sport etc to rubicon parts. FB marketplace
  9. Colorado BFG KO2 -315 70 17 C - Littleton, CO

    They are chambers, 0 offset. Look even better with 37s. I love them.
  10. Colorado BFG KO2 -315 70 17 C - Littleton, CO

    … also have rubicon take off springs and shocks. $100 obo.
  11. Colorado Sold: BFG KO2 -315 70 17 C - Littleton, CO

    I have qty 5 - 315 70 17 ko2 for sale in Littleton CO. They have about 3k miles on them and are looking for a new home. I just listed on Facebook for $1350. Probably do a little less if someone gets them out of my garage quickly.
  12. Are my 35s tiny ?

    Good photos, I spent hours looking at threads trying to convince myself that the 35s would look ok. Of course I knew KO2s run small and I would be disappointed. It only took me about thirty minutes after the lift to abandon my hopes and pull into discount for the 37s.
  13. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    Disappointing answer, the kid at discount didn’t road force balance like he claimed. I went back again and manager confirmed the machine was down and not used originally. The machine was back up and running and voila, problem solved. As others have noted, it now has new wheels and no thrumming...
  14. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    I was able to figure out the issue and resolved with the help of my local Jeep shop.
  15. Thrumming Noise at Highway Speeds (63-67ish)

    Any thoughts on my situation would be appreciated. I began stock with the rubicon wheels and tires. I upgraded to 35” duratracs on the stock wheels and still had the thrumming. I switched to KO2 tires (315 70 17) and thrumming is minimized. Most recently I replaced the stock rims with black...