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  1. TopLift Pro Sale

    Just ordered a TopLift Pro. They are having their Pre Black Friday sale right now. They are in stock and shipping immediately. The sales price is $735 down from $1000. www.topliftpros.com
  2. Maryland Sold: Rubicon Rock Rails - $100.00

    Rubicon Rock Rails off of my 2021 JLUR 4Xe. Selling for $100 OBO
  3. TazerJL with the 4Xe

    I have searched this forum and have reached out to TazerJL and have not received a response. I am wondering if anyone knows if the TazerJL will work with the 4Xe. I have had one on my 2018 JLUR for a few years and love it.
  4. What shade of Blue is the Accent Color on the Hood Decal and Rubicon Outline

    I know this isn't the most important question out there but I am trying to get an idea of the shade of blue used on the decals and tow hooks. In the promo pics they almost look metallic and very similiar to the Hydro Pearl Blue that is offered as a color choice but on videos that I have watched...
  5. Android Auto / Apple Carplay

    I posted this in the Electronics Subreddit but I havn't received any feedback so I thought I would try here. I have a 2018 JLUR that I have been using Android Auto and when one of my daughters are in the car Apple CarPlay successfully since March of 2018. About a week ago they both stopped...
  6. Android Auto / Apple Carplay

    So I have a 2018 JLUR that I have been using Android Auto and when one of my daughters are in the car Apple CarPlay successfully since March of 2018. About a week ago they both stopped working. When I connect my android it will start charging but the Android Auto icon will not appear. The...
  7. Maryland Sold: Rough Country Spare Tire Relocation Bracket ($40)

    Selling my used RC Spare tire relocation bracket. I have had it on for about 15 months. It is solid and works great. I replaced it with the Teraflex Alpha HD carrier which allowed me to adjust my spare tire closer to the tailgate making it easier to use a hitch mounted bike carrier. I am...
  8. Rampage TrailView Tonneau Top

    Rampage does not have this top for the JLs yet so I was wondering if anyone knew of something similiar from a different manufacturer or any concrete info on Rampage may have one available for the JL. I called and they said to check back at the beginning of the year to get an update of possible...
  9. Newbie Lift Question

    I have a 2018 JLUR and I know that the Rubicon is 1.5 inches higher than the Sport and .75 inches higher than the Sahara. My question is how this starting point effects advertised lift height. Meaning if I were to get a 2.5 inch lift will that just lift my Rubicon 1 inch but it will lift a...
  10. Android Auto - GPS Losing Signal

    I have the 8.4 Uconnect System and I love it except for one area. Everytime I use google navigation thru Android Auto, within minutes of starting I get an audible "Navigation Signal Lost' message and then android auto stops tracking my jeeps movement. This never happens when using navigation...
  11. Cruise Control and MPG

    I just did a 1400 mile round trip from Maryland to Charleston, SC and noticed that when using cruise control my MPGs went way down. I'm not one to pay close attention to what gear my automatic transmission is in but after seeing the MPGs go down while using cruise control I started to pay a...
  12. Air Condition Stopped Working

    My Air Conditioner just stopped working. Whether I have it set to Auto with the temp all the way down or I have the AC button selected, I get extremely hot air coming from the vents. Has anybody experienced this?
  13. JLU (4DR) SOLD For Sale - Stock Rubicon Rock Rails (MD/VA/DC)

    Selling 1 month old Rubicon Rock Rails. $225 OBO ($370 brand new) Can meet local or I have access to discounted shipping rates if you are not local, PM me to discuss shipping cost. Available immediately.
  14. Rubicon and Sahara Side by Side

    My good friend MikeinMD stopped by with his JL Sahara and we took the time to take a few side by side picks
  15. Just Picked Up New Billet Silver JLU Rubi

    Couldn't be more excited to own this new ride. I hade every intention on special ordering but to my surprise the dealer had the jeep I wanted on the lot. I absolutely love it. Automatic, Leather, Tow and Trailer, Safety Package, Steel Bumper, Led Light, Body Matching Fenders. 3 Piece Hard Top.