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  1. In case you're wavering on ordering the steel bumper option

    Agreed, but its a crutch, and because we are human, people will use it (whether they admit it or not). People are much more careful when they operate with out a net.....when its my family on the other end of your bumper, I want you on your game (not playing one on your phone).
  2. Side Wave?

    That is the most awesome shade I have seen thrown this year. :like:
  3. In case you're wavering on ordering the steel bumper option

    I am just gonna say it, the advanced safety group should really just be called the "Texting While Driving" or "Distracted Driver" group. Flame away, but anyone who needs this, doesn't need to be on the road. The thought of putting your family's safety in the hands of the same engineers that...
  4. Hot Transmission

    CLICK BAIT! I came here for the "Hot Trannies" and there isn't a single pic. Fortunately i have a manual, so I guess i will have to go shift my stick elsewhere.
  5. Who's your freebie or hall pass?

    I am pretty sure the standard answer to this type of question is "Your mom/wife/sister." 🙂
  6. Considering buying my 16 year old a brand new Wrangler High Altitude

    I am cracking up after reading this. 40+ people just got trolled!! Forget the Jelly of the Month Club, this is the gift that keeps on giving. :LOL: Pro-tip: Before wasting 20+ mins of your life constructing the perfect insightful response to such a preposterous question...check the stats on...
  7. Manual Transmission Newbie’s

    Highway driving preferences aside, how are you all keeping your butt on the ground in 2nd when the roads are wet and you are on KO2s? Once above 2500 in 2nd, that pentastar finally finds some torque and it magically turns into 70s pony car with my rearend going sideways. Don't get me wrong I...
  8. Scary Wrangler crash on bridge in Las Vegas

    Kinda hard to tell, but it looks like they were running an aftermarket stubby front bumper. Might be why they climbed the rail rather than bouncing off it. Not sure if looking cool is worth plunging to my death.
  9. Radar Detector Mount ideas?

    Are radar detectors still relevant in the age of Lidar and pulsed/instant-on radar guns? This isnt a flame, I am asking cause I really don't know. If they are still useful then I need one. I start rowing through the gears in my brick and thoughts of speed limits begin to escape my...

    Nice!! Glad you got them (hopefully on sale), but now you have to update your avatar :). Really adds to your rig, you gotta be snapping necks where ever you go. BTW - The logo color looks like an exact match to your gecko. Did you order them that way or did you paint it yourself using touch...

    I get that. Even though I love the more rugged look of my RB flaps, it is alot of money....especially if you are staying with stock look (e.g. stock tires with no offsets). With that said, if you are going with a set up that gives you a wider stance, I do not think you would be happy with the...
  12. Why we Jeep

    Great shot. Where was this taken?
  13. Jeep Accident !! Safety Features did work and I am alive, Now What ?

    Full sideways slide at highway speeds into grass with no roll-over?!?!? Why does everyone I meet warn me about the rollover risks. 🙂 Nice control @wranglernoob2019. I think the way you handled it was just as important as the vehicle you were in.
  14. MOPAR lift LCA Install Question on JLUR

    I dunno if they have been discontinued. Rock Auto has one in stock, and no note indicating it is discontinued. Moparpartsonline seems to have them also.
  15. Jeep Wave. Anyone feel like this?

    Right there with you Scott, happened to me the other day too. I pulled up next a girl at a light with an amazing body.......she had a lifted JLU Willy's (i think) on 35s with mud patterns that you can only get with high grade wheel spin in a freshy combined field. I couldn't stop staring at...
  16. Check Engine Tool Decoder...

    Agree with most posters here. Most OBDII readers just read and clear codes, some will allow live data monitoring....nice but largely in effective unless you are an experienced mechanic. I tried out the ThinkDiag unit on my wife's cadillac. Its a bluetooth OBDII unit that does everything the...
  17. Whirring noise with clutch pushed in

    I only have 3,500mi on my JLURMT, and it is the noisiest manual I have had. ALOT of linkage noise, and engagement/disengagement noise. I can't say that I have any slippage issues on the clutch. I don't want to head to the dealer and be labelled a hypochondriac, but all the other noises have...
  18. Passenger heated seats coming on automatically, help!

    I would leave as is, and when your passenger asks why their seat is on, just tell you're warming up your snack. ;) This works better if the passenger is your wife or girlfriend......not so much if it's your buddy or brother.