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  1. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Nah, you could buy this yourself as a shopping cart :LOL:
  2. Euro JLUR 2020 Punk'n - Vehicle / Build journal

    Maybe your tank was filled with lightblue instead :LOL:
  3. Euro JLUR 2020 Punk'n - Vehicle / Build journal

    Even worse, why a check engine light with still a 1.900km range :facepalm: Was the adblue tank even full when you took possession of the Jeep?
  4. Old News? No 2.0L eTorque in 2021 Models?

    E-torque is offered in multiple Fiat models in the EU, and apparently without real issues.
  5. My new Rubicon 2.2 Diesel MPG L/100

    My 2.8JK averaged 9.88L/100 over the time entire time I had it.
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Hmm, my 2020 has... Would that be a EU thingy again?
  7. DV+ Install Help

    Both valves fit, but do come with other screws. You have the right one if you still have the original tube it attaches to.
  8. JL in Europe

    Oh no! Do not lube parts that are exited already Marat! :LOL: ;)
  9. JL in Europe

    In that case I can only hope the thing doesn't get too exited in the future...lol
  10. JL in Europe

    My hood spring appears to get stuck now and then when I pop the hood, after which it comes loose with a loud poooooiiingggg noise.... :LOL:
  11. JL in Europe

    Cool :like: Btw, wouldn't that be some kind of single use safety bolt - you know, the type from which the head brakes off during installation?
  12. JL in Europe

    What is you motivation to do such if I may ask? That's me just wondering why one would like the EU version over the US one :)
  13. 3 Random Observations on the JLU....

    Don't know, is not mine. But apparently it does allow you to change all sorts of settings, check fuel level and such. Strange approach imo as other brands use a phone app for that.
  14. 3 Random Observations on the JLU....

    It can be even bigger. The new BMW 7 series key fob... :facepalm:
  15. Crash

    Nice read on EDR's - I remember reading an article in which said Jeeps have one. Trying to find that article, I bumped into the article linked to. Not sure how relevant this is still.
  16. Crash

    Jeep logs data too, doesn't it? If so, then one should be able to prove being hit whilst standing still.
  17. 4H auto... on a Rubicon

    I hope you can forgive those who had no other choice then being/become a sissie :LOL:
  18. 4H auto... on a Rubicon

    For the Rubicons, that is in combination with 4:1 Rock-Track Don't know for sure about the other trim levels. Neither is it an option - we can only get Auto's, and they do come with 4A by standard.
  19. 4H auto... on a Rubicon

    And which will not come to the EU... :crying: Guess the darn thing is way too big for our roads and tiny parking spots :LOL: