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  1. Omg STOP!! seriusXM alert

    ... and we get our customers to pay 2K for our steaming pile of marketing conduit as an "upgrade"... ...Brilliant...
  2. Why did you buy your Wrangler?

    Wrangler purchased primarily for daily duty to extend the life of my FJ. ...know your place JLURXR.
  3. Sad to see the eTorque go

    eTorque cured my auto start/stop hatred... non issue with eTorque.
  4. Kill Switch Saved Me

    ... but then what would attorneys do for a living?... before they become politicians and judges.
  5. Jeep Head of Design Mark Allen retires. Replaced by Vince Gallante, Ryan Nagode, Leandro Pinto

    ... overwhelming majority of Wrangler buyers are not hardcore wheelers...
  6. Jeep's Autonomous Off-Road Driving Tech Testing at Moab

    Another gadget solving a problem nobody has...
  7. Thoughts on negotiated price on 2020 JLUR

    Keep your FJ, and trail it a bit...
  8. Best Extended Warranty?

    Put your money in a savings account. On average you will pay less for any service that might arise, and you will never be declined. Should the dealer decline factory warranty service (yes that happens), you can use your saved monies... Should you not need warranty service after factory you...
  9. Newbie question - SUNPIE

    Powder coat quality is paramount. Bad powder coat looks the same as good coatings on day one.... 1 or 2 years later and it's a sh¡tshow. Stick with known manufacturers for external parts, or embrace the rust appearance.
  10. Oil change pro tip

    Keep you mouth closed when pulling drain plugs, especially gear lube... although I heard it smells worse than it tastes... that's what I heard... from a friend...
  11. ICYMI: Yes, Jeep killed the old school Antenna…

    ... I am for mandatory I.Q. tests, score tattooed to forehead...
  12. Is Dark Harbor Blue going to be a new JL color? (POLL included)

    The orange seats are really pushing the blue, stunning contrast.
  13. Portable Air Compressor ?

    Application is specific to user, assembly required both ways: either hard wire it-not portable. Or put some clips on it-portable.
  14. Vehicle Recovery Gone Wrong shows a connection to Matt's Off-Road Recovery

    Direct connection would require Matt's involvement with this specific recovery. ... but I guess Matt is now directly responsible for all recoveries by any viewers...
  15. Portable Air Compressor ?

    Oasis XD-4000 makes the ARB Twin look like a toy... looks like some more crying may be in order.
  16. Ground tent vs sleeping in jeep

    Hooke Road pillar mounted tray, keep my gear in industrial stacking totes held captive under tray-self securing and removable. I use a small cooler to fill in head gap behind front seat, 5" firm density foam fills other small gaps. Makes ± 6'-2" of length. Bonus is you can sit up and use deck as...
  17. Ground tent vs sleeping in jeep

    I sleep like a 6'-1" drunk toddler on a tri-fold 5" memory foam mattress inside jeep. Mattress is bulky, but trades out the tent storage volume for much better mattress=Better sleep and no set-up or ground prep or windy night issues... Rear cargo deck makes it more feasible, move only my cooler...
  18. Brand Report Card - Ouch!

    Yup, modern vehicles shouldn't blink through 100K... then expected wear items through 200k. (because lots of models/makes do exactly this... I will leave the mfg'rs to your imagination) Auto-"Journalism" is a gawker's sport.
  19. Brand Report Card - Ouch!

    '22 X5?... most reliable 1 year old car...?