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  1. Cost of diesel within 10% of unleaded

    Been nice being able to fill the 35 gallon tank on my van with less cringe. What is crazy is how the price is so close here in SoCal as my last stop in Utah. I skipped refueling in Arizona and Nevada because it was equal to, or cheaper at home.
  2. Off-roading with a manual transmission?

    I know an auto is better off road, but I spend WAY more time on road than off. And even when in dirt, I rarely need more than 2wd. So I will take the enjoyment of a manual. I'd rather have no Jeep over an auto, given the choice.
  3. Would you advise your loved ones, your friends and relatives to own a Jeep Wrangler?

    No, because I don't know anyone interested in going off road.
  4. My first mod wasnt what I thought it would be..

    My first and last new vehicle, so I never knew this was a thing. Guess I will check...10,000 miles later.
  5. 2 Door storage area covers

    Shopping for a cover right now, just seeing what options are out there to choose from. Am I missing any? Stuff4Jeeps: https://stuff4jeeps.com/shop/products/tonneau-cover/jlu-tonneau-cover/ Diabolical: https://shop.diabolicalinc.com/products/slipstream-jeep-security-enclosure-jl JFTops...
  6. Utah Tuffy Deluxe Cargo Area Security Enclosure (W/O SUBWOOFER) - $150

    Damn, I wish I saw this last time I was in St George a few weeks ago. Maybe an excuse for another trip in a few weeks if you still have it :LOL:
  7. Hydrogen engines in the future?

    I am not yet convinced that there is a solution, just multiple. Electricity is great because it is pretty simple, and we already have infrastructure for it. Hydrogen would need infrastructure, but also a great excuse to build nuke plants. Unless/until we electrify rail, we will have diesel...
  8. Harbor Freight 25% off this weekend

    Of course I have a super busy weekend, not sure I would even have time. Oh well, saves me more money not buying 🤷‍♀️
  9. A Jeep, a Girl and a Pizza Place (LA to Utah) -- Trip Journal

    I go out to SW Utah a few times a year to mountain bike. I always want to go wheeling, but I ain't got no time fo dat when I am riding my bike :LOL: Maybe someday I will leave my bike behind and just bring my running shoes. Maybe.
  10. Trouble shifting into first from dead stop. Normal?

    I have always, as far back as I can remember on any car always double clutched or gone to 2nd gear first before trying 1st gear.
  11. Oil Change Frequency

    I hate working on my cars. But I hate other people working on my cars even more. So I do the least oil changes needed.
  12. 2024 Tacoma -- Here It Is! 🥊 Hybrid Model Added 🔋

    $$$ People are willing to spend more for less. That is why there are 5 million JLUR's on the road with sparkly steering wheel covers. And also why Ford dropped all their cars from the lineup (except Mustang), because people will pay more for an SUV/CUV compared to an equal car.
  13. 2024 Tacoma -- Here It Is! 🥊 Hybrid Model Added 🔋

    Fun fact: I was cross shopping against the GR86 and Mustang.
  14. Brake Rotor Sizes + Codes

    This is so confusing, since I have Code brakes on my mountain bike, with over sized rotors :LOL:
  15. Pictures of my 2023 Rubicon with Cargo Area Security Top (JFTops.com)

    Stupid question: is the difference between the "hard top" and "soft top" cutouts for your windows and such vs the hard top where you just remove the whole top? I am looking for something like this. I wanted to make something, but I lack talent and time.
  16. Spare tire cover

    Since the pack of wheels locks on the shelf had only 4, I bought 2 packs. 3 for the spare, one for the others. I am not genuinely concerned with coming home and finding it on blocks, but cheap insurance since I was already buying the locks. I feel like the spare tire was low hanging fruit. I...
  17. Spare tire cover

    Live in a decent apartment complex with cameras pointed right at the Jeep, in a decent neighborhood. Still happened.
  18. Spare tire cover

    Well, here I am...searching the forum to see how common of a problem this is :LOL: :crying:
  19. Did Our Bubble Burst?

    Good thing I didn't buy my Jeep as an investment.