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  1. Keyless Enter-N-Go - Passive Entry

    I haven't washed mine since getting it almost 3 weeks ago. I haven't washed the handles or anything either. It just started working again all on its own. I wonder if there was an update pushed out? I have no idea how these things update (or if there's a notification). I still have just been...
  2. Keyless Enter-N-Go - Passive Entry

    Mine has been working better lately. First off, you don't pull the handle to unlock. It unlocks just by grasping/holding the handle (touch, not pull). If it doesn't work, take your hand off, wait 1 sec, then do it again. Don't pull the handle until it is unlocked. I'm thinking the act of pulling...
  3. Rear side window removal on Hardtop

    ...and that totally sucks. :)
  4. Gas mileage so far

    Mine is getting better. For the current tank, it's showing 18.2. Woot!
  5. Which transmission are y'all going with, manual or auto?

    I've driven my 2003 TJ on 75 in rush hour twice - soft top + manual trans SUCKS. Never again... hence getting the auto JL. I can still play with the manual trans though until I sell the TJ. Anyone want to buy it? :)
  6. Best deals found on a new JL?

    I got the hard top and plan to get a bestop/trektop whenever they come out. I love those soft tops with the slanted rear window. I have one for my TJ and love it. Had to get a hard top this go-around though. Per my other note - get a formal quote from River Oaks and shop that around the area if...
  7. Gas mileage so far

    I noticed today that depending on what menu you're looking at, the average MPG is different. One screen showed 16.7 and the other 17.4 (with trip meter). Not sure why they differ unless the 16.7 one is lifetime and the other one is since refilling/resetting trip meter. Those may both differ from...
  8. Extended warranties

    I've seen a few threads about this but nothing recent so I thought I'd bring it up again... I typically buy factory extended warranties for my (typically Japanese) cars. I do this more for peace of mind than anything - I prefer spending a few grand up front proactively vs randomly/re-actively...
  9. Gas mileage so far

    Even after filling my tank, mine starts at around 16.5 and barely creeps up with a mix of highway/city (more city though, and I'm driving fairly gently). I think I've seen as high as 16.8 average. I know all driving is different but I'm surprised I'm not getting 18 or 19 like some other city...
  10. Keyless Enter-N-Go - Passive Entry

    Mine seemed great when I first got it but now (about 2 weeks later) it behaves like what several of you have said. 2-3 pulls of the handle (5+ secs) before it unlocks. And locking with the handle button usually takes a few pushes (I set it to honk at first lock so I'd know it was locked for...
  11. Proximity Entry (Keyless Entry N Go?) ?? on a sport?

    My proximity on the JL seems to be getting worse and is similar to your video. Three pulls on the handle then it will unlock, maybe. My 2008 Lexus was instant, every single time. Frustrated I paid extra specifically for this feature and it doesn't work. Locking with the handle button is also...
  12. Tire Covers

    I'd love to get a tire cover for my JL but they scream "mess with my camera" - or at least the first render does. :/
  13. Mini-review after 24 hours of JL ownership

    I tried to get them to meet 4 or 5% off invoice (I had ordered from an out of town dealer) but they wouldn't budge past invoice. Huffines Lewisville was able to do 5% (including tread lightly though) for my JL Sandra that was on the lot.
  14. Driver seat on JLUR

    I test drove 20+ cars before picking the JL. I noticed the seat angle issue on a few cars but not the JL. Good thing for me since you can't adjust it! I think the JL has one of the most comfortable seats (I'm 6'0"), even compared to a number of luxury cars I tried.
  15. Little things you discovered on your JL

    A 64 oz growler fits perfectly in the center console (with the arm rest up though)!
  16. Hardtop weight

    If it would ever stop raining here, I would take my hard top off and weigh it. I wonder if I stepped on my scale with the hard top if it would explode. I'm putting the over/under on 80 lbs. jt
  17. Bike Rack Options??

    LOVE your Bronco. Got any more pics???
  18. Mini-review after 24 hours of JL ownership

    You're right about the one on the dash, but in the center console it's just standard USB. The rear of the center console (facing back seats) has 2 std USB and 2 USB-C. Again such a minor thing, just seemed weird that one of the 4 is unlike the others... lol Also there's no difference in cable...
  19. Mini-review after 24 hours of JL ownership

    I have a cable that is USB-C on both ends. I need to buy a USB-old to USB-C so it will work from the center console. No big deal. Just weird that the other 3 USB ports have C too.
  20. Mini-review after 24 hours of JL ownership

    I'm 6'0" and fit fine after adjusting things a bit. I'm sitting the lowest it will go and feel like I could sit higher, though I wouldn't want to. I had to raise the steering wheel a notch to see the speedometer. The toolkit, if I recall, was with the owner's manual and tan case in shrink wrap...