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  1. hydro assist help???

    Adding new steel steering box and might as well tap it and install hydro assist to my wife's jl. Just had a couple questions. 1= I checked her steering side to side and came up with 6.50 inches. I see psc makes a 1.75x6.5 would it be ok or do I need to do a 1.5x7 and limit it? Just trying to...
  2. 3.5" evo or teraflex or suggestions

    Hey guys I appreciate any helpful advice. I'll try to make this short and sweet. I have a cj7 on 40" we do most off road playing on it. In early 2018 I bought my wife a new JLU and put a 2" mopar lift and 37's on it. She currently has about 71k miles on it she does alot of driving and it just...