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  1. Introduction of Tozalazz - beast 12V air compressor and tire inflation kits

    I would definitely love to try it out. We have a large fleet of commercial vehicles here at work. I could certainly put one through a real-world test.
  2. Who has 30K miles or more on their JL and hasn't had any problems?

    I just clicked over 40,000 today on my 18JL owned since new. Other than the aux and main battery dying and then having to figure out how to bypass the aux nothing really. I have smelled coolant near the grill for a year now but I can't see a leak, it has never run hot and I haven't had to add...
  3. Why doesn’t Jeep offer cool colors?

    That is exactly what I would have also.
  4. Jeeps on the Beach... Post Em Up!

    Courtney Campbell Trail in Clearwater, FL
  5. South Carolina WTT OEM Sport Tan Cloth Seats For Black Seats

    I actually have not found anyone yet. Mine is a 4 door.
  6. *Update* Used Car Market Stalemate, but Wranglers resale prices.. 🤑

    While I am not sure why it is the 1990 model year specifically, a lot of it does have to do with the fact that the YJ was shunned for YEARS due to the square headlights. More recently though they have developed a cult-like following. I even find myself shopping for one knowing I have no business...
  7. Starting over again. Progress thread of my '22 JL

    Yes sir. It is just part of the process.
  8. Starting over again. Progress thread of my '22 JL

    My 18 JL had around 20 miles on it when I took delivery of it. I work with a large auto manufacturer here in SC and know this about the build process. Once a vehicle rolls off the assembly line they are usually driven on a small test track to check for unusual noises or vibrations. If all is...
  9. Mopar Satin Black Grill

    I appreciate that. It is an OEM bumper. I found it on FB marketplace with the winch about a year ago.
  10. South Carolina WTT OEM Sport Tan Cloth Seats For Black Seats

    Willing to drive to you in the SE and do the swap with or without your help.
  11. Replace black cloth seats with tan cloth seat covers?

    If this thread wasn't so old I would have gladly offered to drive to you and swap my always-covered tan seats for your black seats. Hell, I still would but I am sure you have already figured out a solution.
  12. 2022 Tuscadero Pink 392 XR

    That is a very unique configuration. I love it. Congrats!
  13. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    I got mine back last Thursday. Installed it Sunday. Everything works including the wireless remote which had never worked. So the recall was handled really bad but the winch is repaired.
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed my new Diode Dynamics SS3 Sport fog lights. I also removed my Quadratec winch so the recall can finally be done to it. 🙄
  15. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    So if I am following this correctly, there is a possibility that they turned the winch around and shipped it back without any actual repair being made? I was surprised when you said that you got it back so quickly. I had already made peace with the fact my winch would be gone for months...
  16. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    I installed mine yesterday also. They are very high quality. Did you find the need to adjust them like you would with headlights? I noticed the mounts have slotted holes to adjust the elevation.
  17. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    I apparently have a crate on it's way to my house so I guess this weekend I will be removing my bumper again to take the winch off.
  18. Quadratec Stealth winch recall

    This is an absolute garbage way of handling this.