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  1. Rubicon lockers will not lock. No error lights at all.

    I’d be surprised if both sensors went out at the same time. Any chance the wheel hop they experienced was the binding you get just putting it in 4low on a hard surface? Is the Jeep correctly reprogrammed for tire size and gear ratio?
  2. Wheel and tire set up

    HAs have 20s, but not 35s (or even ATs) IIRC, they come with the same stock all seasons that my Ram did.
  3. 3 inch lift opinions

    Welcome to the forum. As a nice intro, Brad over at TrailRecon on Youtube did an awesome series comparing lift kits on the JLUR. Like ten kits, showed install, measurements, and did on and off road testing. Definitely worth a watch.
  4. 12.1 touch screen not powering off

    It's been a long time since I put an aftermarket head unit in. There used to be two power inputs, a constant 12V "memory" and an ignition switched source that told it when to turn on. Not sure if there is a PAC module installed, or if the new head unit does it internally, but that may be...
  5. New Jeep Owner Without Mechanical Experience (Wanting to Learn & Equip)

    That's a great list. Some sources for you guys from what I carry, other than a few smaller 3/8" and an adapter, I run all 1/2" deep sockets. This was the wrench kit that seemed to hit the right sizes. Note, I carry a Milwaukee M12 Fuel 1/2" impact. Not cheap, but it's small and can be USB...
  6. Bass on Acceleration

    Looks like there are four mics, I think it's pointing to the sound bar for the first two, and the side panels in the cargo area right by the tailgate for the other two. Any chance you accidentally covered one up or something that could be impacting?
  7. Bass on Acceleration

    Have you added/changed anything on the audio side?
  8. Bass on Acceleration

    So, I do have ANC on my build sheet. Hard to tell, but from the Alpine Amplifier description in the FSM, it looks like it may be part of either the Alpine option or included with 392 (which I believe has the Alpine anyway. Beyond that, several inputs to the amp appear to impact: CAN-IHS...
  9. Bass on Acceleration

    It sounds like you are talking about Active Noise Canceling (ANC). I've got it in my Ram, tell you the truth I haven't even checked to see if the Jeep has it. IIRC, on the Ram people experienced similar issues when adding external amplifires with ANC enabled.
  10. Which Trail App?

    Good point, several of the National Forests we’ve seen using Avenza. Kind of interesting since it takes the motor vehicle use map pdf and just drops your position on it.
  11. D shackles on OEM steel bumper

    Maximus-3 has an option as well. https://maximus-3.com/jl-bumper-accessories-/jl-recovery-loops#/
  12. Which Trail App?

    Kind of interesting looking at the differences. TOR seems to definitely be better than AllTrails for locating, but OnX does seem to have a pretty solid set in its library, all though less detailed trail information on the ones that TOR does have. Uwharrie is about an hour and a half for us...
  13. Which Trail App?

    Yes, can’t really comment on how good is it if it’s setup and loaded in correctly.
  14. Which Trail App?

    @Speed331 @Ratbert So the fact that it does CarPlay and doesn’t require a bunch of file importing is what drew me to OnX in the first place. At least on the CP side, it seems to have gotten better. I have the free version of Giai, but it seems pretty useless without going through the hassle...
  15. Which Trail App?

    Is the ToR CarPlay interface pretty good?
  16. Which Trail App?

    We use OnX, the offline download has been more reliable recently. CarPlay was the big thing for us so we don’t have to run a tablet.
  17. License plate relocation recommendations

    We run the RC. Ended up replacing the plate lights with a trailer LED. MC released one in the last year.
  18. Memorial Day 2023 sales

    FYI, they basically give us the discount year round (JLWRANGLERFORUMS), normally the brands that don’t work are because those brands put restrictions on NR.
  19. General recovery education?

    One thing to consider is if you’ll be solo (jeep wise). You can have a stack of kinetic ropes and straps, but they are useless without another vehicle. Before you spend a bunch of money on recovery gear, I recommend some seat time off road in a group. We all started out somewhere, and most...