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  1. Brand new 2.0 - no cabin heat! SOLVED

    Hopefully you have heated seats! I’ve been driving my son to school every morning with the sky top open and heated seats on- very pleasant!
  2. 4xe High mileage?

    Our 4xe is just over 18k miles. Runs great- no issues.
  3. Would you walk away from your order, or wait?

    I’d drop the order even if it meant losing $1000. Order one at well under invoice from another dealer, get what you want, still cheaper than your current scenario.
  4. Purchased a new Wrangler 4xe

    Plugshare and chargepoint are two of the apps for finding chargers. ChargePoint is their own network where Plugshare searches everything. We are outside Charleston, SC. Couple free public chargers- outlet mall, some of the parking garages, couple hotels. All depends on where you are going and if...
  5. Battery not charging

    Some more info might be helpful. Mine charges and runs flawlessly.
  6. Clicking noise while charging

    Not sure what the sound is but mine does the same. Usually when it’s hot outside and the battery is nearly fully charged. I thought it was the jeep turning on the ac to cool the battery pack.
  7. Grizzl-E Smart Charger issue?

    I have the base grizzl-e charger. Not sure what all your challenge is but at least the clicking is normal- my charger also clicks when the relays engage to start the flow of power to the jeep.
  8. Anybody disappointed with 4xe a/c?

    Had a 2.0t jlur, now have a 4xe. Live in Charleston so pretty warm and humid. Can’t say I noticed much of a difference between the two. I do like the remote start on the 4xe which we did not have on the 2.0. Arriving To a Precooled jeep is nice!
  9. Buying Off The Lot - Can I Request Removing Convenience Group?

    I have it and quite like it. Granted I have a garage - the built in garage remote seem more powerful than the portable one that came with the opener so it works further away. Remote start is also nice - gets quite warm where I live so using the battery on the 4xe to cool the jeep is nice.
  10. Buying Off The Lot - Can I Request Removing Convenience Group?

    You can try to negotiate it off with the explanation that’s it does not bring value for you. That said new jeeps on lots are scarce so they may refuse. Always worth asking- you don’t get everything you don’t ask for.
  11. Front camera worth it?

    More novelty than anything. If I had it to do again I would leave it off.
  12. Jeep crashed, what should I do?

    wow, so most states if you have minimum coverage and hit anything more expensive than a bicycle the other party is out of luck. It would probably be both fascinating and sad to see how many folks are driving around with minimum coverage.
  13. Front Bumper Any Different on 4xe Rubicon vs. Rubicon?

    They are at least pretty similar. I sold my 2020jlur and replaced it with a 2021 jlur 4xe late last year. I had an arb bumper on the old jeep. When the new one arrived I moved it to the 4xe and put the new factory 4xe bumper on the 2020. No problems with bolting it up.
  14. I suggest a smart charger instead of a basic one

    Op was asking about the supply side which would include any power losses in inefficiencies of the conversion from AC to DC to dump electrons into the onboard battery. Not sure if any data exists on the conversion efficiency running through the Grizzle charger plus the on board electronics.
  15. 4XE Specific - Running a cooler off the battery, which is charged by the 17KWa battery

    Didn’t Brandon hainline do a YouTube video on this- he ran an inverter off the 12v and ran quite a bit of stuff. Seems like at some point when the 12v ran down it started recharging itself off of the larger pack.
  16. What was that extremely loud sound from my plugged-in 4xe?

    Our 4xe sits in the garage right across the hall from my office-very used to hearing that sound. Doesn’t always happen, but usually somewhere between 60 and 85% state of charge.
  17. Carvana / Vroom January Pricing Cliff

    Damn. Driveway is offering $18k more than I paid for my 2020 C8 with 13k miles on it. Tempting, very tempting.
  18. I suggest a smart charger instead of a basic one

    Charge a time or two on a ChargePoint public charger. They give a plot of kw over time and totals that you can compare to the percentage your jeep shows.