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  1. Rear Trackbar Relocation Bracket

    The rear may appear centered, but it’s likely shifted the same amount towards the passenger side, opposite of the the front axle…. The 2” Mopar lift likely gave you more than 2” of lift. Judging by how far front was off I’m guessing you got 2.5-2.75” of lift so you would benefit by using a rear...
  2. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Took the wife mall crawling today, took a bad line, almost got stuck, thank god for lockers……😎
  3. Rock Krawler Gen 1 sway bar disconnect issues

    Hi Curtis , yes those will work on his rig ……
  4. Rock Krawler Gen 1 sway bar disconnect issues

    If the electronic disconnect still works then definitely get the no limits…. With those there’s no difference between connected and disconnected…I did a comparison, also I lengthened my links after this as I noticed I was close to inverting……..:facepalm: Connected Disconnected
  5. Metalcloak bump stop picks with hydraulic bump stop

    Another option is to sell your MC pucks and get the synergy snap lock pucks….. https://www.northridge4x4.com/part/8057-10-synergy-snap-lock-bump-stop-spacer-kit-2-4in?gclid=CjwKCAjwpuajBhBpEiwA_ZtfhVyHF_Q-S4TfM9CAJFmzhc-YD4K7bf5v4TQgSrRHJ0PaQDDF31OAsRoCdA8QAvD_BwE
  6. Metalcloak bump stop picks with hydraulic bump stop

    Mine was replacing the body mount bolts to clear my rear lower long arms… …you’ll have to get the MC bolt spec and match it to a socket flat head bolt……. https://www.boltdepot.com/
  7. Metalcloak bump stop picks with hydraulic bump stop

    Just take a step bit to the washer and drill it out so a socket flat head bolt will sit flush…….I got these from the Bolt Depot…….
  8. Why did you buy your Wrangler?

    …….so I can lock em up, grab a gear and disappear……
  9. Sway Bar Disconnect on JLU Rubicon

    Plus one on the tazer…… got mine remapped to the resume button, push it and the only thing that will reconnect them is if you turn off the engine, big deal, you just have to push the button again……stupid easy …..
  10. Falcon 3.1 SP2/ Clayton Off-Road

    You’re not the first to complain about falcon shocks being too firm, if it was me I’d ditch the falcons and get some Fox 2.0s…….
  11. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Rancho skids work great… I rocked the red for a while, but when I changed diff covers, the red didn’t look as good, so I rattle canned them with some Hammered grey to match my new covers….of course they don’t look this good now, I need to freshen them up…. 😅
  12. Good times out at Citrus wildlife management area!

    :blush: ……appreciatecha brother….:🍻 …the wife says “Hey 🙋‍♀️
  13. What Year/Color JL Wranglers have least Galvanic Corrosion

    2018 GCM , zero issues….
  14. Fox Shocks and Accutune Off Road Review

    Yeah, copy that…… I want to try it, I’ve already warned Mike at Accutune that I might be shipping them to him in more than one piece, not to hit me to hard on it…….😂 ….. I’ve installed a long arm kit and re-geared my rig, both first time endeavors, both turned out great….Hopefully I can get...
  15. Fox Shocks and Accutune Off Road Review

    Thank you for this….I plan on rebuilding my shocks myself, but in the event that something is wrong or wore out, or broken and I need to send them in, this is hella helpful……. Thanks brother…. ✌
  16. High Steer on 2018 JL with Dynatrac ProRock 44 Axle

    At 3.5” lift there’s no reason to run flipped drag link…. The RK lift is so flexible that you’ll have to run so much bump stop to keep from hitting the frame that you will be restricting the lift…… If you’re set on running it flipped then I’d wait and see how high their TB bracket is first...
  17. Ordering Today

    Don’t worry about DS with 3.5” lift, it’s the extended length of the shocks that will determine that …. Anything 29” or longer will need front DS. The 38s will look stuffed on 2.5” lift unless you get more height than advertised, which is common….you can always add coil spacers when you get the...
  18. If money wasn' a concern, which would you go with?

    Clayton all day long….. AEV is overpriced for what you get…..opinions vary, this is mine….
  19. Rock Krawler maintenance & All brands suspension general conversation

    Further testing on the MC upper bumps this weekend…….. the more I get into them, especially twisted up, the more I like them…:rock:
  20. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Me and the wife spent some time in the woods this weekend….. took the opportunity to further test my new Metal Cloak durospring upper bumps…These things are awesome so far, so much better than the factory bumps….a lot smoother/subtle feel when they hit……also they’re a little longer so I might...