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  1. BFG Heavy Duty?

    Looks like this is for full-size trucks, but anyone have initial impressions?
  2. Swap "Power" Doors to Manual?

    Can I just swap the doors if I can find a used set the same color? I realize I'd need to carry two keys since the key/fob to lock the doors won't start the Jeep. Anyone done this?
  3. 2023 Chrysler 300C - 6.4L SRT ?

    Who's ordering one?
  4. Does it fit - JK bumpers to JL

    Do stock JK bumpers fit JL?
  5. Oregon FREE - Tuffy Security Console

    I had this in my 2021 JLR and decided not to use it in my 2022. I *think* I have all the parts in a bag from when I took it out. It's free to whoever wants it. I'm in Eagle Point, OR if you want to come and get it.
  6. Oregon Sold: FREE - Rubicon Plastic Front Bumpers w/Fogs

    I own(ed) two Rubicons, a 2021 and a 2022. Both had the plastic front bumpers, which I replaced. They are taking up room in my garage and I'd like them gone. So, I have free to the first taker(s): (2) Rubicon plastic front bumpers with fog lights. One of the bumpers is pretty clean, the...
  7. What is the most you've spent on a single mod, or total?

    Like the title says, what's the most you've spent on a single mod? How much have you spent so far?
  8. McGrew - So Oregon

    Did the McGrew on Friday, my JLR and friend with his JTR, both stock. It was fun.
  9. Pic Request - 48", 56", etc. RTT

    Are you running a small tent, or a bit larger and can you provide pics, stating the size? I'm trying to decide between tents and could purchase a 48" or a 56" (closed) length. Whatcha running? Thanks.
  10. Length of Hard Top Roofline

    Anyone with a hard top that can measure the length of the roofline? I'd appreciate it.
  11. ARB Stubby Bumper Install ?

  12. Oregon Sold: 2021 JLR, 3.6L, M/T, Soft Top

    12k miles, black All the standard stuff, plus these three options: Trailer–Tow and Heavy–Duty Electrical Group - Auxillary Switches - 240–Amp Alternator - 700–Amp Maintenance–Free Battery - Class II Receiver Hitch - 7– and 4–Pin Wiring Harness Remote–Proximity Keyless–Entry Alpine® Premium...
  13. Rubicon Purchase(r)s - how many, why

    How many of the Wranglers sold are Rubicon models? Is it because dealers spec them that way for a higher profit, or because people want Rubicons. Are people buying what dealers are selling, or are they buying what they want? How many of the people that buy a Rubicon really want, or need, the...
  14. Roof Racks - Soft Top

    I have reached out to get more info about the Maximus-3, since it looks like you can install the brackets and then use the rack with or without the hard top (meaning, it then seems you could use it with a soft top Jeep). Any other roof racks that you're aware of that can be used with the soft...
  15. 2022 JLR Build

    I haven't received it yet, but I'm going to swap out the tires for 35".
  16. Rubicon with 4.88 - What Housings

    Will the Rubicon with 4.56 or 4.88 have the same axles as a Rubicon with 4.10. The 4.88 is listed as "4.88 Rear Axle Ratio" and there are two front axles available for the Rubicon (one listed for the two-door, and two listed for the four-door). The two-door Rubicon has wide-track 210/220 axles...
  17. Offroad+

    What the hell is Offroad+ if you have a manual transmission?
  18. 2021 JLR - Which 31" Tires?

    Thinking about ditching the stock 33" tires for some 31" tires. Will that look stupid on a Rubicon? Thinking it'll give me better torque for off road. I do pretty difficult trails and think the additional torque will be great. Any suggestions on tires for mixed rock and mud, for the PNW?
  19. A/M Bumper - Warn Stubby?

    Is there much difference between aftermarket bumper manufacturer's products? I'm looking at the Warn Crawler Stubby bumper and putting on a Warn winch. Seems like an easy set up, but is it any different than going with another manufacturer? I assume they are all using similar grade steel and...
  20. Need Help - 2021 3.6 M/T - Idle Surge and Drop

    I own a two-door JL Rubicon with manual transmission and 3.6L with roughly, 2,250 miles, owned for one month. I have been trying to self-diagnose, or reproduce, or get a good "feel" of the issue, but am not sure how to best explain it. When I let my foot off the accelerator and push the clutch...