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  1. Apparently gears prefer oil (updated title)

    I recently did some of the more challenging portions of Freedom Trail. Like really, really tough stuff (IMHO). Unfortunately that resulted in a slight grinding noise from the rear when I lift off the throttle. There's metal shavings in the rear diff and the grinding is getting worse. Now I get...
  2. For the Old Schoolers

    Great analysis of the implications of changes in off road vehicles:
  3. Somewhere warm next weekend south of CO?

    Any suggestions for disbursed camping areas south of Colorado that would be relatively warm next weekend (April 21st)? My wife is thinking White Sands NM, but I'm not sure if that's decent for camping.
  4. Slick new AEV company history video: "Behind the Brand: American Expedition Vehicles"

    I didn't realize that his first conversion project was stretching a 2 door.
  5. Virtually longer or shorter wheelbase?

    I'm trying to figure out what this guy means when he says that you can virtually make the car have a longer or shorter wheelbase. It's at about the 4:00 mark.
  6. Best shovel for an AEV tire carrier?

    I recently discovered that AEV tire carriers have a hole in them designed to hold a shovel. My wife ran with the idea and stuck one of our shovels in it before she took her brother for a trail run. Unfortunately nobody realized that the handle is slightly too long and it digs into the back of...
  7. Tru-Lok Axles?

    I don't think that I've ever heard of Tru-Lok axles on a JL, but so far 11 2023 Wranglers have been built with them. Is that an extremely special order or something?
  8. Excellent beginner / intermediate rock crawling video

    They do a great job of explaining the fundamentals of off-roading / rock crawling in this video. While I no longer consider myself a beginner, it rarely hurts to learn new techniques or what I'm doing wrong. He disables all of the safety stuff via the Tazer. That's something that I'd never...
  9. Ok, who here trashed their soft top?

    This guy might have forgot to do something before pulling into his garage. https://v.redd.it/tpsmgnilsufa1
  10. Stickied invoice pricing spreadsheet?

    Any chance of getting my spreadsheet thread stickied? If you need to make room there's a 2021-specific thread that might be willing to step aside ;)
  11. Ineos: New Manufacturer of Overland Vehicles?

    It's interesting when a brand new vehicle manufacturer cranks up and they're building a body-on-frame solid-axle vehicle that's designed fundamentally for overlanding. https://ineosgrenadier.com/en/us/
  12. Anyone going to this AEV event in Oregon?

    We're going Feb 27/28. Unfortunately they're only posting it on FB, which we can't reference here. This is from a few years ago:
  13. Have you talked to ChatGTP's AI yet? It's pretty damn amazing.

    Search engines typically give you a list of web sites where you might find the answer to your questions. This thing, however, just answers them. And it does so rather eloquently. For example, I asked it "How do I make my 2022 JLURD better at rock crawling?" and it responded with: There are...
  14. Add an electric motor to assist a rotary engine that's a range extender for an EV?

    Yeah, this is a bit weird: https://carbuzz.com/news/mazdas-new-rotary-engine-variable-valve-timing-is-weirder-than-the-wankel-itself
  15. TFL's 2023 Wrangler Buyer's Guide

    TFL just published a really good guide on speccing out a new Wrangler.
  16. Off-Road Training Required to Off-Road in Utah (Starting Feb 1, 2023) -- for vehicles with OHV plates

    It looks like we'll need to complete a course to go off road in Utah starting February 1st. https://www.advrider.com/utah-to-require-online-off-road-training/ Utah House Bill 180. Edit: as @Sublime pointed out, this is for off-highway vehicles only, not Jeeps.
  17. New security feature that requires you to punch in codes to start your Wrangler?

    It looks like Tazer is adding a security feature. Could be useful for some of us. https://www.ram-trx.com/threads/new-tazer-update-and-more.13963/
  18. How much history is included in the displayed fuel mileage?

    Some people here seem to think that the fuel mileage displayed on their dash represents the average since their last reset (going all the way back to their first mile of they've never reset it), but it sure doesn't seem that way to me. I haven't reset mine in a couple thousand miles. If the...
  19. We're number one! For highest markups?

    https://www.thedrive.com/news/jeep-wrangler-tops-list-of-new-cars-with-the-biggest-markups How do we get the word out to let people know that they don't have to pay those prices? https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/forum/threads/ratberts-dealers-below-invoice-spreadsheet.95841/
  20. Temporary power loss

    We had resumed interstate driving after a 15 minute stop and were about five minutes into the next leg. Cruise control was set at 83 MPH. Fairly low altitude (~4k feet). Relatively flat interstate. Lost all power from the engine. Had the pedal floored while the speed continued to drop to 60 or...