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  1. LOD rear camera mount install

    Installing LOD rear camera mount and need to remove the connector from the cable. Any ideas how this is done? I have tried repeatedly to push on the side section of the connector but it doesnt seem to do anything. im bout to bust it.
  2. The Great Rock Slider Debate!

    I thought I called them back in May and they confirmed the weight at 104lbs each. Are you sure they are only 40lbs? am i misremembering?
  3. What do you need to drive in 3 feet of snow.

    sorry to say, but I believe this to be true.
  4. Rock Krawler maintenance & All brands suspension general conversation

    I thought this was gonna work but I cant get it to budge. maybe I need to apply heat or something
  5. Rock Krawler maintenance & All brands suspension general conversation

    Any advice on removing a zerk from the hose nozzel? I was able to unscrew the zerk from the joint and the hose from the grease gun, so now I just have the zerk in the hose. It doesnt seem to want to come out for nothing.
  6. My first YouTube video.

    I guess I have a question about the body parts. Why do you put them in a cooler when transporting them to the forest?
  7. Fox DSC rears in front?

    whats the long answer? not sure i even understand valving, but maybe something to do with pressure in each compartment?
  8. Just 2 more inches...

    do it right or dont do it. a spacer lift does nothing.
  9. And then this happened…

    same thing i was thinking. clearly that was the guy that put the screw in there
  10. Its been fun....take care real Jeepers

    I reckon this is a person that bought a jeep but never used a jeep. did you look at their complaint list? i imagine that prius works just fine at the mall. whatever.
  11. A Murder Jeep!!

    If they didnt put the "murder jeep" text on it, the police would be pulling it over all the time.
  12. Jeep Dog pics

    beep beep. who is that?
  13. This is what holds the spare.

    you can have mine.
  14. Recommended Dealers List

    I thought this was gonna be a joke thread. like the first post (or all posts) would just be blank.
  15. Jeep Dog pics

    rofl: "knuckleheads"
  16. Buying Off The Lot - Can I Request Removing Convenience Group?

    not a jeep dealer, but I was called a "grinder" by a ford dealer when I tried to get them to reprice based on an add-on that wasn't agreed upon. Apparently that is a known industry term. I'm a grinder.
  17. [SOLVED] JLU Completely dead in traffic / dash freakout

    Sounds like you've got a poltergeist in your jeep. First make sure you are not parking over any Indian burial grounds as those increase the power and frequency. Next, since you mentioned your N3 fuse was open, I would suggest there is a reason for this. Maybe tracing it upwards to find out...
  18. New option for front license plate in California.

    if its gonna stop me from getting pulled over by smokey, them im down. I couldnt care less what it looks like.
  19. AccuTune Fox 2.5s on my 4xe

    My settings are HS 7, LS 3. (from full "soft" as you put it) That is kinda where I have settled at for the moment. I did a trail about 2 weeks ago and it was non-stop rocks. After the first 30min, I got out and adjusted everything to zero. It made a nice impact and the next hour I was able...