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  1. 4xe Wrangler is the #1 selling PHEV!

    While you are making a racket with all that noise, a Mustang for 1/2 the price would quietly blow you away, and leave you cleaning your shorts at the red light. Pure noisy gas is dead as fast fun vehicles. Next gen EV Jeeps would leave noisy gassers in their dust.
  2. Bestop Sunrider maintenance spray?

    303 fabric guard Spray generously and do a double coat spring and fall
  3. 4xe Wrangler is the #1 selling PHEV!

    Not exactly sure what you mean by fun scale? As for cornering, I very rarely even hit the brake, since regen slows you enough to whip around the corners, but that same speed in the same corners would have been skittish in my 2018 JL same wheels, the 4xe is also planted and you feel the...
  4. Falken Wildpeak 285/75R17 on a Sahara

    I have the Falken Wildpeak 285/75R17 MT on a Sahara, no issues.
  5. What's your mileage per gallon?

    It appears mpg has a lot to do with how you drive. I got 15 mpg mostly city driving in V6 JK/JL Wranglers, on the highway the same would get 20+, I think my TJ was as bad, but the YJ was really bad. All were manual, except the JL
  6. Coming in 2027 - fully electric Wrangler

    You have a significantly greater chance of the manual transmission Wranglers catching on fire than an EV catching on fire.
  7. Level 1 Charger - Security

    Toronto unhoused lurking around looking to steal stuff would make quick work of a padlock.
  8. Level 1 Charger - Security

    The last trunk munkie escaped out of the Sky One-Touch
  9. Level 1 Charger - Security

    Using the Level 1 charger that came with the Wrangler for the first time, plugged in to the wall works without issue. It will be plugged in for 7 hours, just think it's asinine that this $150 charger was designed to be left unsecured for hours when in use.
  10. One-year ownership list of Failures, Problems, and Issues with the 4xe

    The vast majority of people on this forum complaining about (or have a problem with) the 4xe don't own one, or never owned one, is this clearer? What is consistent, is horrendous Dealership service, and that is not unique to to 4xe, just makes matters worse when it comes to the 4xe. The...
  11. One-year ownership list of Failures, Problems, and Issues with the 4xe

    The vast majority of people having problems with the 4xe, are people that never owned a 4xe, or people that know nothing about it, and that is consistent on this forum.
  12. Woman keys 400 vehicles at a Canadian CDJR dealership

    The mounties sole job is to protect the dear comrade leader's ego
  13. Max level charge for 4xe?

    32 amps I think, takes 2 hours 0 to 100% Cannot use Level 3
  14. Is the 4xe a ‘disposable car’?

    It sounds like the best bet is stop buying from legacy manufacturers like Jeep, in my experience and based on this forum Jeep dealership techs have issues doing basic work on any vehicle, even a basic 3.6 Pentastar Wrangler.
  15. Is the 4xe a ‘disposable car’?

    So not as dramatic as you make it out to be, like I said, I went in once January 2023 since I bought the 4xe in November 2021, because of the Zb7, and they did a few other things at the same time. Seems from forum posts, the majority of 4xe problems stem from unqualified techs working on the...
  16. One-year ownership list of Failures, Problems, and Issues with the 4xe

    Free government money make people jump before looking, subsidies working better than they expected, it makes people do stupid things.
  17. Is the 4xe a ‘disposable car’?

    Why not give us a complete list of these 4xe recalls and RRT that are happening monthly, then everyone will know you are not just making 💩 up.
  18. EV charging stations are coming to Moab in 2024 ⚡️

    Silly is one of the pillars of the EV scheme, and America best selling hybrid cannot even get proper maintenance from Jeep themselves. Kinda insane having 4xe Hybrids lining up to charge for 2 hours to get a few miles off roading, makes more sense to e-save Hold
  19. EV charging stations are coming to Moab in 2024 ⚡️

    Fast chargers tend to be expensive, and are usually geared towards long distance travel vs everyday local travel which is based more on the level 2 home chargers. Also the current 4xe PHEVs cannot use fast charging, so the chargers might be more for vehicles like the unspecified range Recon.
  20. Is the 4xe a ‘disposable car’?

    So you are compiling a list of various issues and claiming all 4xe are affected. Luckily it appears my dealership have competent techs. I didn't have any issues with my first year 2007 JK, nor my 2018 JL, and neither my currently 2021 4xe. They were all Friday builds BTW