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  1. Got Ducked!!!!!

    Got Ducked on my trip to Oklahoma last week. Sitting in a small town diner in Collinsville, Oklahoma. A local driving a red 2 door JK.
  2. Mickey Thompson BAJA BOSS AT 20,000 mile review.

    I feel like there's a delay in steering when making lane changes or reacting to traffic. They are somewhat noisy too. Mine are E rated also, so maybe that is why. I'm probably being too picky since these are my first true offroad tires. I don't have experience with any others to compare them too.
  3. Mickey Thompson BAJA BOSS AT 20,000 mile review.

    I have them also. Not a good highway tire, but great offroading. I mostly just do beach driving, and they do just fine. These tires don't hydroplane like those KO2s did.
  4. 3.6 Serpentine Belt Replacement Tip

    @mwilk012 Releasing tension on the hydraulic belt tensioner is not the same as the old type. It releases slowly and you can hear the fluid moving inside of it when you release belt tension.
  5. 3.6 Serpentine Belt Replacement Tip

    No Etorque here. It's a 2019 JLUR.
  6. 3.6 Serpentine Belt Replacement Tip

    Yes, It uses some sort of hydraulic fluid filled belt tensioner. There is a warning on it to read the service procedure. This is not your typical belt tensioner.
  7. 3.6 Serpentine Belt Replacement Tip

    I just went through this and learned a thing or two about it. I used a Gates 13/16" wide by 85 5/8" long belt and it works fine. Ideally, I am certain that a 85 7/16" is identical to the OEM belt. This not a complete step by step procedure. Use your common sense and some basic repair guidlines...
  8. Powdercoat chip rust

    They have several rust removal, rust neutralizer, and rust prevention products.
  9. Powdercoat chip rust

    POR 15 rust prevention.
  10. Best Tire Carrier for JL with 37s that doesn't require a rear bumper.

    I have had one made by Rusty's for several years. Its been perfect for me. It reinforces the tailgate and comes with heavy duty hinges.
  11. why do people like poke?

    I always thought of Jeeps are easy to flip over since they have a higher center of gravity. So, I decided to go with more for stability. I subjectively think it adds to the look of my Jeep. You know, like how some Jeep owners think taller Jeeps look better.
  12. Those who never take their doors off... Why?

    Never around home since it's just a chore with no real enjoyment. Always when at the coast. Doors come off and stay off while there.
  13. Theft Deterrent. Discuss

    It's best to not give thieves any clues as to what they are facing to steal your Jeep. Yes, a club steering wheel lock can slow them down and maybe even deter a rookie. My personal choice is to make all challenges hidden. Slow them down to a literal crawl and frustrate the best car thief out...
  14. Just Venting...

    I think that there are emission and gas guzzler limitations for car manufacturers that are getting in the way. I vaguely remember reading an article over 20 years ago explaining this restriction on how many high emission and low gas mileage vehicles they can build/sell. To me it explains why...
  15. Doable jeep safely while I go on vacation

    1. Remove fuel pump fuse/relay. Install blown fuses in their place. 2. Unplug the Throttle body. 3. Unplug the brake light switch. It'll never come out of park. 4. Park other cars in front and rear if it. Or just pile stuff up that it'll take lots of effort to clear out of the way. And still...
  16. 2024 Wrangler Refresh ordering starts 3/15/23 with updated grille, new screen, cluster, seats, wireless CarPlay & more

    2024? No thanks. I'll just keep my current 2019 problems instead of adding all new ones.
  17. 3.6 Water Pump Leak

    It has just over 45K miles. I was looking it over and it doesn't look like a big job to replace the pump. It's not spewing coolant yet, but it's bound to get worse sooner than later.
  18. 3.6 Water Pump Leak

    So the weather warmed up a bit over the past week and I've been smelling coolant. Over the weekend I popped up the hood and no obvious signs of coolant anywhere. Reservoir is in the normal range, cold or hot. Ok, so Monday I looked around underneath the engine and I spotted coolant residue on...
  19. Dealer Oil service screwup

    When you say the oil cap is very loose, is it just the cap or the housing also? I've heard of the dealership knuckle draggers breaking the housing from overtightening the cap. If you shut the engine down pretty fast after the oil light came on and you weren't at highway speed, you should be...