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  1. Wrangler vs buggies in extreme wheeling video

    What amazed me most about this video and the extreme trail, the street legal baby blue Wrangler and its pilot.
  2. 2WD E250 receiver height vs JLR bumper I think I'm screwed

    Wow, just realized my new to me E250's receiver is 19" lower than the flat-tow connections on my JLR's Rockhard Patriot bumper. My Blue-Ox towbar specs it should be within 3" of level. Is it possible to even find a 16" rise adaptor(searched ?). Can't use a tow dolly or a full trailer, puts the...
  3. California 2 door AEG Rock Rails

    Used ,scratched, scraped and need paint touch up but not deformed. $100 Carpinteria, Ca. pickup
  4. Received classaction lawsuit notice in mail

    I got a letter from a law firm stating my JLR was covered in a class action lawsuit. The issues the suit was seeking damages for was very broad and seemed to me involved just about every JL. I threw it in the trash but was wondering if other have received this notice.
  5. chinese diesel heater

    Just wondering if anybody else has a cheap CDH. https://www.vevor.com/diesel-heater-c_10321/diesel-air-heater-8kw-one-hole-lcd-switch-all-in-one-for-cars-trucks-rv-8000w-p_010454173881?v_tag=6b693460-83a6-11ed-82f1-4d25db8fee88.2 I purchased an all-in-one self contained cabinet model on Ebay...
  6. today is Flag Day

    I have my flag out. Since moving to SoCal from Spokane,Wa., I hardly ever see homes with flags flying. Just wondering if any others fly the flag. I have a lot of respect for old glory and follow protocols as best I can.
  7. scharder valve on auto trans dipstick what is it for

    I recently purchased a ford '03 E-250 van with an auto trans. The check fluid dipstick has a very factory looking schrader valve attached to the tube. I haven't a clue as to what/why
  8. California Sold: OEM spare carrier

    I am near Santa Barbara. Looking for a used OEM spare tire mount, I don't need the third light mount or brake light. Just the spare mount section.
  9. Spare tire location

    I've had my heavy 37" spare located on the cargo floor for 2.5 years. It has never been ideal but was a solid location without a money outlay for an unproven, over weight, expensive alternative. While at EJS last week I talked to two Mopar tech engineers at Jeeps Mopar Performance accessory...
  10. 2 days, 200 miles no services dirt road out and back

    During my recent road trip to EJS 2022, I took a little side trip to Kelly Point Overlook, North Rim Grand Canyon N.P. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Kelly+Point/@35.8344308,-113.4811912,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x80cc595e6e0655cb:0x721cae07e51ed69e!8m2!3d35.8344316!4d-113.4724364 link to...
  11. SoCal Market Place

    I noticed NorCals Market Place on their Staging Area and the popularity. Seems like it works well enough.
  12. California Sold: used 5-cooper stt pros 37x12.5r 17 load range "D"

    I bought these new. These are date coded 2818 and have approx 45+ k miles. tread depth to wear bar varies from 6 mm to 10mm. new these tires had 22 mm. They have never been plugged and the tread and sidewall are excellent. I believe they have another 10K of legal tread. They are excellent off...
  13. Matt's off-road recovery needs recovery

  14. Looking for 30 lb.or less positive offset wheels

    I have a set of AEV Pintler wheels that weigh 35 pounds and I like the +25 offset. Are there + offset wheels that are lighter?
  15. SOLD un-used JLU Artec Industries aluminum bellypan

    I need to get rid of this. Carpinteria pick up only $1200
  16. California Sold: used M.O.R.E. JL steel belly pan $275

    This fits a 2 dr. 3.6, auto. 2018-2020. Complete with all the hardware. It's used with dents and scrapes but there were no issues removing and it should bolt back together fine. Pick up only! Carpinteria,Ca. Seems this complete 2dr. system is no longer available from M.O.R.E.
  17. California Sold: new ARTEC INDUSTRIES JLU aluminum Belly Pan system $1200

    This is for a 4 door,3.6, automatic,2018-2020. It is as Artec industries made it but now without the boxes. I purchased this knowing it was not going to bolt on to my JL. I had read I might be able to modify it to fit. I am not going to try, so selling it. Complete with instructions and...
  18. 100,000 JLU mile review

    By cheaper Jeeper.
  19. Arizona Peace Trail

    Just wondering if anyone has any intel on this 675 mile trail... https://arizonapeacetrail.org I'm mostly packed and planning on 10+ days including to and from travel to trailhead. I have yet to get a map, haha. Ordered the ringed binder book, looks informative but 2020 edition and hoping it...