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  1. North Carolina JL 2 Door Smittybilt SRC Rock Sliders

    Smittybilt SRC frame mount rock sliders / steps for the 2 door Wrangler JL. No drilling - uses existing frame holes. Great condition. No rock rash. $200
  2. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    Was time for new tires so put 35s on. And changed both air filters.
  3. North Carolina Smittybilt SRC Front and Rear Bumpers

    Sorry these sold today.
  4. North Carolina Sold: Smittybilt SRC Front and Rear Bumpers

    Good condition. Rear bumper has a small amount of rust in one of the crevices on the left hand side. Includes OEM LED fog lights already installed, with wiring harness. Also including the 4 GearAmerica UBER D Rings with AntiTheft UBERLock System | 80,000 lbs MBC (20,000 lbs WLL) These are...
  5. North Carolina Sold: Smittybilt 9.5k XRC Gen 3 Winch with Synthetic Line

    Great condition. Only used a couple of times to respool but never used for recovery. Comes with everything shown, plus a winch cover. I have an extra remote for it because the sheath on the original remote separated near the plug. The wiring wasn't damaged, only the sheath. I reached out...
  6. JL Soft Top offerings suck

    Exactly. I’m a 2 door owner too, but we are in the vast minority so expect fewer and fewer 2 door options in the future.
  7. Rear License and 3rd Brake Light Wiring

    Thank you for the color legend for the license plate light. Saved my bacon!
  8. North Carolina WTB: XR Wheels / 35" KO2 Tires

    Thanks for the tip but that's out of range for me.
  9. North Carolina Sold: WTB: XR Wheels / 35" KO2 Tires

    Looking for a set of 5 XR or 392 XR wheels and 35" KO2 tires in like new condition.
  10. North Carolina Sold: WTB: JL Rubicon Front and/or Rear Bumpers

    For rear bumper, interested in Steel or Plastic versions in very good condition. For front, only interested in Steel. Thanks
  11. Broke Body bolt of Wrangler Rubicon 2022 4xE

    There are a lot of people that had that happen, including me. (See some of the similar threads below.) My dealer was able to drill mine out and repair it with a heli-coil to avoid having to come in through the bodywork above. Was a pricey repair.
  12. North Carolina Roll Call

    I believe there exists photographic evidence of it touching the ground. (Nice gesture btw. 😄)
  13. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    Much better than your previous setup!
  14. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    Forgot to mention that if you install it the standard way you also lose access to the accessory power port, which is another downside.
  15. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    If you install it the way I did you can, but that requires coming up with a custom way to secure the rear of the box (the end near the seats), down to the rear-seat clamps. Otherwise it will tip forward when you open the drawer. If you install it per the instructed way, it will be basically...
  16. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    I did that once. Once. Happily pay someone to do it now.
  17. Show me your JL gun holster setup

    It's an okay hiding spot I guess, but if you can't draw and get a shot on target in less than 2 seconds, 99% of the time the gunfight is over and you lose. With the SunRider in the up position that may be possible with that setup, but seems awkward.
  18. North Carolina Roll Call

    Nice! Looks like the conditions are pretty good. Much better than some of the videos I've seen in the past. Any sketchy areas at all?
  19. Back seats of a 2-door Wrangler Sport S

    Just to add, if you plan on using the rear seats a lot, the 2 door was probably a bad choice. The front seat sliding mechanisms are known to be fragile and if you use them a lot you will most likely run into problems over the long term.
  20. Jeep JL Car Play Project.

    Yeah I do the same, but only because none of the aftermarket wireless CarPlay options are good. They all have issues; either sluggishness, slow to connect, intermittent disconnects, etc. Once Jeep adds integrated wireless CarPlay and I upgrade to that Jeep, then I'd be happy to use wireless...