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  1. Factory Fender "Chop" vs Aftermarket HD Fenders vs Keep Factory Fenders (& Fender Swap/Chop Regret?)

    On the 21 I did JLUR suspension swap and gutted the fenders. It looked right with 315s in my opinion. On the 23, I went with 37s and ICON lift keeping the fenders... Each has their advantage, but I prefer a fender that's intact.
  2. Best/Worst Craigslist Experiences

    Someone sent me a link to my ex back when when they had the casual encounters section... Not sure if that's a good or bad, let you decide.
  3. Why did you buy your Wrangler?

    I always wanted one since my parents had a TJ for a short while as kid they absolutely hated and I loved. The resale value helps as a adult to make the decision to buy one; they are more expensive then they should be.
  4. "Jeep's real customer base..." Article: How the Jeep Wrangler went from rock crawler to luxury SUV

    Renting rooms has it's perks. Month to month, easily relocate and can put more towards retirement while having a nice Jeep... Can do a lot when you cut your housing expenses down drastically. Plus I am rarely home, always out.
  5. "Jeep's real customer base..." Article: How the Jeep Wrangler went from rock crawler to luxury SUV

    Jeeps expensive... I work a senior blue collar position for a large employer. I should be able to afford my Rubicon and the nice 1 bedroom apartment in town on my income. That's not asking for much... My income isn't small by any means, in fact it's high for a high school drop out (I make...
  6. REIGN Wrangler JL club

    Fun times at Animal Kingdom.
  7. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    Most lift kits vendors don’t provide, some may offer. But most suggest after a certain point. Also the Icon kit is designed for a 4 door.
  8. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    The Icon lift netted way more then 2.5” of lift on my 2 door.
  9. What did you do to your 2dr today?

    New driveshafts.
  10. Manual 2dr 4.88 question

    I know you're trying to be funny. But there's a very noticeable difference going from stock to a lifted Jeep on 37s in high winds on the interstate... I don't think I would do it again for a daily driver. However, the gears really do help going uphill with 37s. Headwind or not, I rarely have to...
  11. Manual 2dr 4.88 question

    I am running am factory 4.88s on 37s with 2.5” lift. Seems like a great combination and would recommend… However, it doesn’t drive as as well under windy conditions at interstate speeds. Other then that, it’s great. May as well throw a picture into the mix.
  12. Lets see those sexy 2drs (pictures zone)

    Played around with my Sony A7Rii. I think my pictures are getting better, at least I can get the subject where I’m happy with clarity and color. But backgrounds always look off to me.
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Got a alignment and then put my wheels/tires on. Icon “2.5” inch lift and 37 Ko2s wrapped around 17” Icon wheels. Also ordered front/rear driveshafts from Adams.
  14. Looking for pics of 2 door on 37's or larger with 17" wheels

    Some quick pictures after getting the wheels/tires on.
  15. We are getting new clutches for the recall!!!!

    It’s only me and I could use a little excitement in life, as long as I don’t limp away again I’m good.
  16. Where do you get Ducked?

    I don't get ducked often because I don't go out much and if I do, never parked long... Only been ducked twice, once at Jeep event and another when sitting in my Jeep at Starbucks. The rest was by family and I don't count them. Two ducks I received from other people that I count. Not so fun...
  17. We are getting new clutches for the recall!!!!

    Hopefully it's a upgrade, stock clutch is garbage even without the explosive factor.