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  1. AEV Steering Stabilizer Review - Completely Solved My Wobble

    Has anyone been able to source these lately? They've been out of stock for months.
  2. Another oil leak?

    Crawled under my 2021 with 14K miles and saw this. It sits for days in the same spot and there haven't been any drip marks so I'm hoping it was spillage from the last oil filter change. Naw........who am I kidding? I cleaned it all up and will see how long it takes to come back.
  3. Who has the most miles on their diesel Wrangler?

    Same engine spanning three generations in the Ram 1500. One owner is over 500,000 miles: https://www.ram1500diesel.com/threads/100-000-500-000-mile-club.70918/
  4. What's different about our Gen 3 Ecodiesel?

    Nice video with one of the engineers explaining the differences between our ED and previous generations:
  5. Metal cloak 3.5 and death wobble

    Spent most of today at the shop after deciding to drive there. Only three episodes of DW along the way LOL Did several things: 1. Replaced the Synergy sector shaft brace bearing holder. It had play. 2. Complete alignment, after playing with the numbers got caster up to 8 and toe .05 to the...
  6. Metal cloak 3.5 and death wobble

    2021 JLUD with 3.5" GC and 37's update: Well crap. After having everything re-torqued and alignment checked last week because I would get a tiny bit of bump steer when going over railroad tracks (and then not all the time), the first time I drove it since then, I didn't make it more than a...
  7. Metal cloak 3.5 and death wobble

    Thanks! I'm hoping that might be a fluke - of all the other long term reviews I've read and watched, none of them mention any significant noise issues.
  8. Metal cloak 3.5 and death wobble

    I agree. I'm gonna go ahead with an RPM 2.5 ton solid aluminum steering kit, American Iron ball joint deletes, a Fox 2.0 TS stabilizer and hopefully call it done.
  9. Metal cloak 3.5 and death wobble

    Well I guess I can join this club :( 3.5" GC and Synergy sector shaft brace on 37's for 12k miles now, pretty much since taking delivery. Tie rod, drag link, and steering stabilizer are OEM. I'm running 34psi in the 37's. Was hearing the clicking when turning at slow speeds and started getting...
  10. Green Diesel Tune

    I want to get the GDE tune (had it in my 2016 Ram ED and loved it) but I'm running into an issue. GDE needs the PCM to have the latest updates but when I try to get the emissions recall flash the dealership is telling me that I now have to wait until the fuel pump is replaced because the flash...
  11. 3.0 Diesel fuel pump recall announced

    Agreed. These dealership service departments continue to provide a wealth of reasons not to trust them. @jeepwave maybe you can clarify this issue for us?
  12. 3.0 Diesel fuel pump recall announced

    So I called a local dealer yesterday to schedule the emissions recall (Y81) and they said: "There are 2 recalls on your vehicle: Z96 – High Pressure Fuel Pump – replacement – “parts not released yet” Y81 – DEF software update – this also changes the high-pressure fuel pump programing to match...

    Same, it was the very first mod I did to my 16 Ram ED. Same results as you. Was just confirming with GDE yesterday which version firmware I should have before I send this one in for a tune.
  14. How much if the sky falls?

    I actually think that's the single biggest issue for all of us, regardless of engine type. The Jeep dealership service network is a poster child for incompetence and the largest contributor to owner dissatisfaction.
  15. How much if the sky falls?

    Gale Banks has loved this 3.0 Ecodiesel from the early days. Even put one in an old Ford F350 just to show what it could do: