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  1. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    Was a great Day. Weather turned out beautiful.
  2. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    You can do it.
  3. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    Not that you are not welcome to come with us because I’m guessing we will be there next weekend, but if you can’t go till next weekend the group with Mount Zion might be better for you to start off with.
  4. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    So as you will see all over this site the sport and sahara are more capable than most people think. You are absolutely welcome to come along with us and we will do our best to get you through he trails(we can also put you toward the end of the pack so if it gets to hard we can get you turned...
  5. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    Are they still the stock size which is about 31”?
  6. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    I think it comes down to what the individual thinks is ok. I was with a stock height gladiator rubicon that did blues and even made it up crawler ridge. so i was thinking about this, i have the artec aluminum skid plates and it has the trans and oil pan extension. There are hardly any...
  7. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    Lmao yes @DonBucket would do them in a stock sport. The stock skid plates shockingly protect more than one would think, but you have to be will to hear the scrapes and know its the skid plates doing their job.
  8. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    I don’t want to say yes because i don’t know.
  9. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    Mainly blues. And greens to get to them. One guy I go with still uses only stock skid plates and goes on blacks lol. Plus you have a lift.
  10. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    So no coming tomorrow? :crying:
  11. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    Did you get your jeep back?
  12. Anyone else wrenching during quarantine?

    Last Friday I installed a winch. Yesterday I installed 1/2” spacers in the front and today I’m going to install the Warn power interrupt.
  13. Synergy MFG 2" Lift Starter System

    I was going to suggest doing this also. The uppers are not near as tight as the lowers which also means they are not as hard to get back to the proper torque.
  14. Anthracite green guided trail run

    Lol I guess you better go then
  15. Anthracite green guided trail run

    No that’s a given, what i suggested makes for a better experience. Of course you have to actually go to experience anything :turkey:
  16. Anthracite green guided trail run

    The sway bar disconnect just makes a smoother ride overall and the 4 to 1 ratio on the rubi transfer case is just awesome
  17. Anthracite green guided trail run

    You will have a blast. Make sure to disconnect your sway bar and use 4-lo.
  18. Lift kits: What is everyone running? How do you like it? (2.5"-3.5")

    So far i have no complaints with the Pat’s but I haven’t had them all that long. Will see how the perform after a little more wear and abuse off-road.
  19. Wires for Aux. switches on Rubicon

    Really? So there is basically a “Y” in the wiring? Not saying you are wrong just wanting to know. It seems easiest to wire the interrupt completely from the engine bay to me
  20. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    Sounds good