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  1. LED package to halogen

    Hi all, quick question. if you don’t have led factory package and install a rubicon plastic bumper with LED fogs, is it plug and play? thanks for your time
  2. California Sold: Rhino-Rack Pioneer Platform

    Brand new still in box. This is 72”x56” platform rack only. Retails for over $750, I got it from Northridge4x4 and it’s the wrong size for my custom brackets. My loss your gain, best rack for JL hard tops period! need it gone ASAP let me know can send pics too asking $600 super discount for...
  3. California Rubicon front fenders $275

    These were bought new and “chopped” which means removing inner liner and light. I did this to accommodate the Quake LED or American Adventure Lab hi-line lights, but never got around to doing it. Rears I gave to a friend.
  4. California Rubicon tires only take off

    Bfg Ko2 off rubicon, size is 285/70/17. Has about 10k on the 4 and 5k on the spare. No plugs no patches. Asking $800 obo
  5. California Rubicon fender swap

    I have 2 front rubicon fenders that are already chopped (liners removed). I’m deciding to go different route and wondering if anyone wants to work a trade for OEM rubicon fenders. Fronts only. DM for pics
  6. California Barely used EVO 2.5” lift $350

    Has all the parts that came with the kit. Used for a couple camp trips. Local or short distance, no shipping. I’m in SF Bay Area. https://www.quadratec.com/p/evo-manufacturing/25-stage-1-boost-suspension-shock-extensions-jeep-wrangler-jl
  7. California Rubicon wheels 5 (no tires)

    I have a set of 5 wheels coming off tomorrow with lugs, no tpms or tires. Has about 5-7k highway miles. Pic is not mine but exact same. $650 obo
  8. Looking for almost new rubicon shocks/springs

    I don’t want to pay for shipping, needs to be somewhat local to SF Bay Area, and needs to be off a Rubicon with hardtop and tow package. Lmk.....
  9. Installing Rock Krawler kit, can I do it?

    Hi everyone! I just ordered the Rock Krawler Adventure Series 1 with their RRD TT shocks. http://rockkrawler.com/jlu-2-5-inch-adventure-series-1-tt/ As you can see, it’s not the most basic kit nor the most complex. In preparation, I’m wondering if I can save the cost, and most importantly...
  10. California Sold: Bumpers and 5 Stock Wheels and Tires 2k miles Bay Area

    Not even sure these made it to 2,000 before I swapped out. Anyways, for sale....dm me an offer if you’re interested. Also have plastic front bumper and REAR STEEL mopar bumper (w/sensor holes). Thanks, all.
  11. California Plastic front $200 steel rear $200

    No shipping only local please. Front bumper has the halogen fog lights and rear has sensor holes. Located in east Bay Area.
  12. Rubicon steel bumper for Sport model

    Hi all! does anyone know with certainty (w/pics) if a mopar rubicon steel rear will fit a Sport S? According to quadratec website https://www.quadratec.com/p/mopar/rubicon-rear-bumper-steel-jeep-wrangler-jl?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIopfVvNr75QIV1RZ9Ch30BAjMEAQYBSABEgLIS_D_BwE ...it states the...
  13. Mopar Lift Kit vs....

    I read through the entire Suspension Lift thread and didn’t see much discussion specifically about he Mopar lift. I’ve called teraflex, 4wp, local well-known shops, and they all have differing opinions of the mopar lift. I like the lift for obvious reasons (possible resale, warranty, brand...
  14. California Sport S 2018 OEM wheels/tires 1,500 miles

    Local pickup only, located in San Francisco Bay Area (east bay). No miles on the spare. Wheels in perfect condition, not a single blemish. Sensors not included. Asking $750. Literally oem, don’t ask questions you can google :) These are the “All Season” 5 tires included...