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  1. Not sure about 35’s anymore

    Definitely do what works for you. But I think you should aspire to those adventures you imagined for yourself while you were waiting to buy your jeep. A stock jeep is absolutely a capable gem. But, don’t get stuck (not saying you are) in a rut of - it’s new, it’s expensive, I should be...
  2. JK auto vs JL 8 speed?

    well it wasn’t bc of the transmission
  3. Having issues post Magnuson

    Can’t see the email
  4. Jeep Regret 🤣

    Once we’re done paying for the whole world etc, we can buy baby her jeep back.
  5. Bad experience w Northridge4x4 anybody else?

    challenge accepted. Give me a minute, will follow up.
  6. Bad experience w Northridge4x4 anybody else?

    At this rate, Northridge should pay customers to complain on the forum.
  7. Bad experience w Northridge4x4 anybody else?

    Northridge is the very best. Good luck with your situ.
  8. Real Simple: Anybody heard of FCA’s Fix for the clutch?

    good question, this thread answered it very directly JL Clutch Update / Fix
  9. Jeepers - "Ford, thanks for the Bronco reboot"

    OP is exactly right. And when you think about it, we have to thank Ford EVEN MORE for advancing the moving assembly line method of vehicle production, without which, Jeep could not possibly produce the Ford incepted 2024 Willys.
  10. Metal/Steel Fender Flare Regrets????

    Looks fantastic. I have 1.5 or so spacers too…I had the wheels before this set-up and backspace was lacking a bit for clearance..
  11. Metal/Steel Fender Flare Regrets????

    Yeah I chopped last one and kinda regretted. Still don’t see an aftermarket fender that checks all my boxes. Now I’m just lifting to clear. “Low center of gravity” is a little over emphasized these days imho. This is after going to 4.5 coils up front, rears remain 3.5. I was raked and needed...
  12. Metal/Steel Fender Flare Regrets????

    These look like fabtech. They were one of the first to hit the market. And honestly, best looking of the whole damn bunch imho. If these were made in aluminum I’d be all over it.
  13. Jeepers - "Ford, thanks for the Bronco reboot"

    Dude there are like 47 threads going back 3 years with 500+ people saying this. Welcome though. 😀
  14. How much do your stock 392 wheels weigh?

    True, but i mean jeeping in general is a money pit. At this point. I ended up doing these - Titan 7 T-AK1 Forged 20lbs and 17 x 8.5 The offset (-1) was great for 35s and stock 392 suspension. Not so great for the MC lift now and 38s. Needed spacers, but it’s no big deal. Teraflex 1.25 IIRC...
  15. New Baja Designs Squadron SAE's

    I think BD addressed that, in post 30?
  16. Dory 392XR Build

    This is good to know. I have been interested in the Apex steering kit, but reviews have been sparse and (seemingly) sponsored. I have 38s and no steering motor upgrades, very difficult to try and turn locked. Easy peasy unlocked. I have also had hot steering indicators a few times, but I...
  17. Grease and guns - steering links and shafts

    Thanks, I ended up using it on everything. Bought a couple tubes, should keep me slingin grease for a couple years.
  18. What are the dumbest comments youve gotten about your jeep?

    “Bro, you need a barricade bumper and some light bars. It will give it that aggressive look. Trust me, it will complete your jeep.” Said with very kind inten, but the complete inverse of my priorities. Also my jeep is somewhat built, so the comment was kind of lol. I appreciated the intent...