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  1. 2.0L Water Leak

    Finally got my 2023 Rubi XR into the shop to look at what had caused the check engine light to come on. Mechanics did not find the bolts to be the problem but thought it could be a cold engine start warning. They said a software fix for that was coming in a couple of months.
  2. Gas Prices Are Still Dropping With No Signs Of Stopping [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Exactly. Saw this past week that there is still some oil being drawn out of SPR, but in February the government will begin the long process of restocking it. That will take oil off the open market and should put a floor in prices. To me if China ever opens back up demand will rise along with...
  3. 2.0L Water Leak

    Just curious, do you think it is a possibility that they are properly torqued at the factory but back out due to engine vibration. Mine was built in August and delivered in October and after a 1200 mile trip to CO, I smelled coolant and then my engine light came on. As I have said in previous...
  4. 2.0L Water Leak

    It is just crazy that they know this issue is ongoing yet they still do not take care of it when building the jeep on the assembly line. Such an easy fix yet they let them go out the door with the issue unresolved. Mind boggling. Mine sits in the garage in another state waiting to be towed to...
  5. How's your 2.0 MPGs lookin?

    On a recent trip from Houston to Durango there were sections of wind and up hill where I only got 14 mpg on interstate going 75. But the last section with some town driving I got 19. If I just stay around town it is low 20s.
  6. HELP PLS!!!! Jeep Service Center returned my JLU with NO OIL after routine oil change.

    Plus it did not leak after the guy came to his house to fill it back up. That is the nail in the coffin. A rookie lawyer could win this case. Lawyer up.
  7. 2.0 coolant leak at 10,000

    Thanks, I am sure local dealer here has no clue about the TSB. Will print it out and bring to them in January. Will be interesting to see what their “codes” show.
  8. 2023 JLURXR Engine Light Came On

    Obviously Captain Obvious I do realize that we are approaching the Holidays. My issue is that my dealer where I bought my Jeep said that they could take me within a day or two. Sorry but I think it is pretty bad to make someone wait one month to get an appointment when the fix is more than...
  9. 2023 JLURXR Engine Light Came On

    Called dealer here this morning and they are not taking any new appointments until Jan 3rd. Set up with them for a Jan 17th appointment and a tow the day before. Sure hope I never need more work done in Durango - not too impressed.
  10. 2.0 coolant leak at 10,000

    Follow up - called local dealer and they are not taking any new appointments until Jan 3rd. They said that I could stop by and they would run the codes to see what the issue is but no guarante on when they would get around to fixing it. I told her if it was the TSB issue it was a 10 minute...
  11. Which Ouray/Silverton, CO trails can I do in my stock Rubicon?

    I will look you up next summer. Are you on the San Juan Trails group?
  12. 2.0 coolant leak at 10,000

    Happening on MY 2023. Smelled coolant while driving on Saturday and on my way back home the engine light came on. Calling local dealer when they open. My mileage is 1600.
  13. 2023 JLURXR Engine Light Came On

    My new Jeep Rubi XR was delivered in October and I drove it from Houston to Durango last week to leave as a second vehicle here. It has 1600 miles and has performed very well until yesterday. I was driving in town and smelled coolant fluid a couple of times and did not see any lights lighting...
  14. 2.0L Water Leak

    Well it seems to be happening on the 2023 MY as well - only 1600 miles delivered back in October. Drove into town today and smelled the sweet smell of coolant fluid. Thought it was strange then smelled it a couple more times. Noticed the check engine light had come on at some point. Once...
  15. ARB Dual Air Compressor -- run hoses to each tire or just use one long hose to air each tire up separately?

    Thanks for mentioning the engine heat. I had not even considered that. Looks like under the passenger seat will be my best option.
  16. ARB Dual Air Compressor -- run hoses to each tire or just use one long hose to air each tire up separately?

    So does the hose that comes with the ARB kit reach all four tires or do you need to buy a separate hose and fittings?
  17. ARB Dual Air Compressor -- run hoses to each tire or just use one long hose to air each tire up separately?

    Recently picked up my new Rubi XR and wanted to get a shop to install an ARB compressor. Self installing it is not an option. The salesman at a nearby shop was pushing getting a separate kit compatible with ARB that would run hoses to each tire where you could air all four up at once. This is...
  18. I Live In America's Off-Road MECCA!

    Thanks, I have a house there. Picked up my Rubi today so it will be on the top of my list next summer.
  19. I Live In America's Off-Road MECCA!

    Curious what pass is the first pic of?