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  1. Pennsylvania FREE: Rubicon Takeoff Wheels, tires, TPMS, 33k miles

    I'll absolutely grab them! I'm in Wilmington, and can pop up either Monday or Tuesday. I'll PM you my number.
  2. Towing experience/notes with a 2018 JLUS 2.0 E-torque long-distance

    Hey all, I recently towed a large (the largest they rent here) 6' x 12" covered 2-axle trailer from Philadelphia to Miami and back last month. Before I left, I dug around a bit on the forums here about towing a large-ish trailer with the JLU and 2.0 E-Torque, but didn't really find much. So, I...
  3. 2.0 Turbo average MPGs

    I picked mine up about 6 weeks ago. Just passed 2600 miles today. JLU Sport hardtop with AT tires. Mixed city and highway about 23.5mpg. Highway, a couple trips from Delaware to Philly and Delaware to Baltimore, I'm consistently getting 28-29mpg, as long as I keep it 65-67ish with cruise...