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  1. And you thought your setup was aggressive....

    Looks like a great vacation and congrats! Fun to ponder: Iceland is mainly green and Greenland is mainly ice :)
  2. 4xe gets rage note from EV parking space vigilante 🤣

    Way off topic but where is this true? I would sincerely like to know. Starting Prices (where I live): Teslas: Model 3 - $61,300, Model Y - $82,900, Model S - $128,900, Model X - $147,000 Cyber Truck and Powerwall not available yet. Jeeps: Wrangler $38,400, Wrangler Unlimited - $46,400...
  3. Stock Wrangler vs Stock Bronco Offroading

    Stock vs Stock? 2 minutes into the video they go modify the 'stock' Bronco front suspension.
  4. JLUR OEM Wheel weight?

    40lbs https://www.jeepsareus.com/sku/6yz48dx8ab.html
  5. Remote Start not working colder than -20C

    If the ESS battery is the primary starter power then that would make perfect sense. If that battery is running down I would try and get it replaced under warranty, as I have read that some were defective. It may be worth asking the service dept.
  6. Remote Start not working colder than -20C

    Low fuel or any of these other items not being met?
  7. Windshield Defroster Fix

  8. Steering Wheel position when driving - minor problem and my OCD

    Adjust the drag link. it takes a few minutes.
  9. Off-road Switch Bank - Std Exterior Feature shown on actual Window Sticker

    Hi all, Earlier today I posted my window sticker to show a few forum members that the Heated Mirrors are generally std equipment...at least for Rubicons. Then I noticed, under exterior features, that mine also has an item called 'Off-road switch bank' . I have no idea what it is or for. I...
  10. Hardtop dimension plz

  11. Search & Go - Do I have a Unicorn?

    Anyone else know about this Search and Go (not Send and Go) feature? Please see the short video in OP
  12. Search & Go - Do I have a Unicorn?

    Thanks for the reply but you're thinking of Send & Go from the smartphone app. I have that as well. This mysterious feature is Search & Go.
  13. Search & Go - Do I have a Unicorn?

    From Aug 2018 to June 2020 I owned a JLUS and now a JTR. My JLU did not have this feature. Nobody over on Jeep Gladiator forum has replied in 3 days so I figured I would ask here. Let me mention, I am in Canada, in case my USA friends are very familiar with this feature. It is not a known...
  14. Ground tent vs RTT

    Ground tent vs RTT has evolved into towing Trailers to RV's towing Jeeps, lol.
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I left the Wrangler world a few weeks ago BUT I didn't stray too far away. :)
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    No more JLUS plastic side steps.
  17. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Cosmetics - I got rid of the chrome and silver on my JLUS.