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  1. Milestars are cheap, there has to be a reason why

    I'm shopping for tires, I have about 25k on my General Grabber ATXs and I'm looking to go a little bigger. The Generals have done great on and off road, in the snow and the rain, so I'm afraid of trying something new. But... The Milestar Patagonia M/Ts that everyone runs on youtube are cheap. If...
  2. RPM Act H.R. 3281

    I couldn't find an existing thread on this one. As far as I can tell, the bill is still active. I got this in a SEMA email a while back, but wanted to post it here in case anyone else is interested in contacting their reps (if they aren't already sponsoring the bill)...
  3. Finally drives straight

    Anyone else have no steering issues? How'd you fix them? After a nice hot summer on Rubicon suspension, I can still one finger drive, like a normal vehicle. It wasn't placebo! I think my factory LCA bushings had failed, or were too soft from the beginning. If I start wandering again, that'll be...
  4. Popping from the front end

    This ultimately wasn’t suspension related, but it sounded like it was. Occasional popping sound while turning at slow speed. No vibration or anything strange while driving. The problem is my plastic air dam rubbing my trackbar(?) In case anyone else has this, it might not be loose castle nuts...
  5. Solid motor mounts?

    Just making sure I didn't miss the release of solid or poly motor mounts for the JL. I'd love to have some solid mounts to replace the factory squishy mounts.
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  8. Auto door locks

  9. Dual injection?

    Hello, I'm having some trouble finding what I'm looking for in searches. I know the 2.0t is direct injection, I'm trying to find out if it has a second port injector to combat the carbon buildup direct injection motors are known for, this has a direct impact on how soon I install a catch can. I...
  10. Electric assist, can we get some more RPMs!

    The electric assist sure is a kick in the pants, but it drops off too fast! Anyone else notice this? It seems to drop off just before the turbo gets going, if we could get even another 500rpm out of it that would really smooth out that take off. If Jeep doesn't do it, I'm sure the aftermarket...