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  1. Start test with dead AUX battery!

    Are the 2 battery separated after you turn off the ? I recently replaced my aux battery (small one), from what I feel, its premature defect really attribute to have not enough charge. I used to do long commute, and recently work from home, I can clearly feel the relationship between driving...
  2. Small battery replaced under warranty and big one?

    no 2020 JL, about another two year to get off warranty. So the battery is for 5 year warranty, correct?
  3. Way better design - Engine Stop/Start

    I recently replaced small battery and main battery is short of charge so no need to push the button, LOL, see my other thread. Anyway, poor design, useless feature to justify the complication.
  4. Way better design - Engine Stop/Start

    CAFE rule is what automaker must comply with, vw of stlantis FCA whoever. But I think jeep did superficially by only help themselves to mark a better score in test, rather indeed help driver to save fuel or just better looking word save environment.
  5. Way better design - Engine Stop/Start

    This is not about my brand is always better, but how I think FCA can improve based on feature of my new car. I am not sure how you figure I didn't know vw diesel gate, either, omg.
  6. Way better design - Engine Stop/Start

    Jetta require you manually restart engine, if you put in park (ESS kick in) and opened the door, so the question you mentioned is well thought for.
  7. Paying for warranty but not covered?

    yeah, but how could driver bend upper arm by driving it, he has to put his head in between :headbang:and drive over a bump, LOL
  8. Way better design - Engine Stop/Start

    I just hope Jeep read the thread and learn something - don't really think they want to learn but - so next generation show some brain there behind design. ESS is useful, for those long light, not really mean to change emission whole lot, but at least save some noise and fuel and my leg. I...
  9. Small battery replaced under warranty and big one?

    well, I did more test, I have a fairly smart charger, so I bump the battery to 13.8v, which i figure is the safe top of charge voltage. And the ESS function ready immediately after coolant temperature is up. So this is the right way to bring your battery back to life, the floater charge I used...
  10. Small battery replaced under warranty and big one?

    too many computer things, still the clock slow down 1 min every week, LOL
  11. Way better design - Engine Stop/Start

    I recently pickup 2023 Jetta sedan, it has Engine Stop/Start feature as well, and way better. The ESS function only kick-in when you press brake much deeper, so you effectively CAN control the ESS, - I found JL had same design, but the threshold of ESS kick-in is extremely light, so not really...
  12. Small battery replaced under warranty and big one?

    So recent get dealer to fix service light for star-and-stop system, and they found small battery defect and replace it under warranty. But I am worry about the big one is also bad, the car 3 year and 45k km So basically when I was commute 60km a day, the SNS system always kickin, and since...
  13. jeep toledo factory visit?

    On another complete different topic, what other things to see in detroit? Is the GM renaissance center worth a visit?
  14. jeep toledo factory visit?

    plan a road trip, where detroit area is a passing by, so I want to see if I come in to the front of Jeep factory, where a few wrangler was on display. Is that spot open to public, can I just passby and take a few pic? what's the exact GPS cord for that spot...
  15. OMG 😲 /Front Headlights Replaced with LED 😍😎🔥

    I have same light, but I found the light beam is only on one side of the lamp. Coz the led unit is only face one side of the reflector. And after two years of use one light is on and off. So I guess I got what I pay for, and want to explorer whole light set with factory quality
  16. How light can be Tow like nothing.

    Hi Currently has 2k# pop-up camper to tow behind my jlus, I feel no pressure to tow but still lack of freedom to speed and manuver I don't have trailer brake or sway control for this light trailer, it is legal to do so in Ontario but it is still a 2k# weight. In a gusty day the trailer still...
  17. key program through ODB port

    Anyone have luck in make remote key DIY at home? My situation is I water damaged one key of my 20 Jeep JLUS, and I also lost TWO of my remote keys of 14 Toyota rav4. Does it make sense to invest into universal ODB key programmer instead of paying key smith to copy keys for me?
  18. Key washed in laundry, stop working now what?

    I dried it out by open and dry, also tried the rice bag method, no use, I guess it is totally fried. anyone programed this key...
  19. Reliability of aftermarket LED headlight bulbs (Beamtech)?

    i have beam tech with fans, for 2 years no issue, but i do feel the fan noise getting bigger
  20. Key washed in laundry, stop working now what?

    I did , dry it out and swap battery, no work. Even the Jeep sensor say no key fob in car. Now crying,