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  1. [CLOSED] WINNER ANNOUNCED: DIY Windshield Protection Film Giveaway -- ExoShield ULTRA

    Two replacements in two months after many years of not needing to replace a windshield.
  2. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    Had another windshield installed. Second one in under 60 days. Went two years without so much as a chip prior.
  3. battery? sensors? or gremlins!

    I have a '20 with the 2.0L etorque. Mine almost always charges at 14.3-14.7 depending on ambient temperature at start. I notice that the more times I drive it in a day the voltage seems to lower with each start. Very long highway trips will see the charge voltage slowly decrease. Running in 4LO...
  4. As of Nov 29th the 2.0L has recall ZD8 for the coolant inlet fasteners.

    Disappointed that it only covers 21-22 model years. I know some of the '20 and earlier models have experienced the issue with the bolts either being under torqued or loosening.
  5. CLOSED!!!- Lasfit Group Buy 2022!! -- 25%-40% MASSIVE DISCOUNTS!

    Can I get the Ditch Light kit for my '20 JLU?
  6. 2020 Jeep Wrangler rubicon recon edition pentastar v6!!!

    The Canadian press release from FCA announcing the Recon edition does not mention the powertrain. I also found this listing for a recon edition in Canada that also has the 3.6L. 2020 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon RECON EDITION | Cars & Trucks | St. Catharines | Kijiji
  7. 2020 Jeep Wrangler rubicon recon edition pentastar v6!!!

    I have a '20 Recon. It's the U.S. version and is the 2.0. One interesting thing I note about your build is the Customer Preferred Package for the Recon edition is code 24Y. Mine is code 28Y. Does the other panel listing the rest of the optional equipment list any changes to the powertrain?
  8. What do you miss having from your previous vehicle that the JL doesn't have?

    I miss comfortable seats, leg room, and the confidence of a usable warranty (current one is useless to me if it is 2-4 months for the dealer to even look at it, much less any work to be done).
  9. Low Voltage Issue on the 2.0L - Turbo Boost Lag

    I had put in a brand new Odyssey battery before EJS as I did not trust the OEM battery to not die at a very bad time. Spending time in 4LO seemed to draw down the battery.
  10. Low Voltage Issue on the 2.0L - Turbo Boost Lag

    It's been a while now. Did the TD3 truly cure the issue? I was in Moab for EJS and spent many hours in 4LO. I noticed the voltage slowly dropping, but was back on the highway in 2WD before it got low enough to be an issue.
  11. Stranded deep in Canyonlands NP, had to call Matt's Off-road Recovery (24 hour rescue)

    Watched both videos yesterday. First thing, glad you and your father made it out safely. I love my Wrangler but can say that FCA puts customer service last. Apparently when your reputation is already so bad, but demand stays high for your product, there is no reason to try and improve.
  12. Turbo Lag Reduction

    That almost sounds like the Traction control is detecting or preemptively trying to prevent wheel spin when starting from a dead stop and cutting power, even though there is none. By chance, did you adjust the PCM for the larger tire size?
  13. Summer Jeep Odyssey: Virginia - Grand Canyon - Moab - Telluride - Virginia

    If you want a fun and scenic alternative to Mineral Creek (aka lower Engineer Pass trail), I would recommend taking the Corkscrew Pass to California Pass to Animas Forks route. You could also throw in a slight side trail after California Pass and go up Picayune Gulch and see the old Sound...
  14. Dealer service dept

    Mine certainly does not and it's been well documented on this forum that they do not have the small 12v aux battery inside the fender.
  15. Dealer service dept

    If OP has etorque as stated, there is not an Aux battery in that fender well location. There is a 48V battery with dc-dc charger (PPU) in the rear opposite the fuel tank. The fact the dealer is saying that the PPU is not even showing up is a big red flag to me.
  16. Weird issue today with FAD and not able to put into Park

    Just reporting back. The remainder of the time I was at EJS, I had no further issues with this. Really not sure what the cause is, and will not take to dealer unless happens again. I am very curious if anyone else has had similar issues?
  17. Weird issue today with FAD and not able to put into Park

    I'm out here in Moab today for EJS. After our trail run, we ran up to Tusher Tunnel. I was in 4Lo and did a u-turn in some loose sand and an error appeared on screen about the FAD not being available in 4 hi or something similar. I came to a stop and tried to put the transmission in park and the...
  18. TOO MUCH OIL (GDI) added by dealer - was tracking down *less fuel efficiency*

    How does the dipstick look now that they have changed it and confirmed 5 qts?
  19. REDARC trigger wire necessary with eTorque?

    I can't say for sure. If it helps, on my '20 2.0L etorque, the charging system usually is over 14V when the vehicle starts and is running unless it has been run within the last hour. Even then, it is in the 13.7V range.