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  1. Z Locker OEM (Bypass)

    Anyone using the Z Locker OEM as a permanent solution or just on an as needed basis, for instance when only off road? The reason I ask is although I feel this is an excellent solution to the Locker Sensor errors, I don't feel that the design is very resistant to the elements. Has anyone added...
  2. Calling all Rockhard Full Skids owners

    Just ordered the Rockhard complete bellypan system only to realize they do not include a fuel filter access panel. So my question is how much work is involved in getting access to it without having a PITA situation?
  3. Diesel Skids questions before ordering

    I want to finish this build and am need of skids. I have it narrowed down to the Metalcloak option or Rock Hard. With Black friday I can save a little on the MetalCloak system, but didn't necessarily want to go with Steel, so I am leaning towards Rock Hard, but obviously that means spending an...