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  1. 2023 Sarge Rubicon 392XR AEV JL370

    That is two orders for the ball mount piece today, I ordered mine as well. Thanks for introducing it to me!
  2. 2023 Earl JLURD AEV JL370 Build

    The Shaker Siphone that comes with it worked exceptionally well, likely just as quickly as the pump in the case scenario. I probably won't use it every week, but I do have a couple of 2-3 day trips this year that I will use to avoid leaving the OHV to hit the gas station.
  3. How Can We Help?

    Thanks Benny!
  4. 🤳🏾 Android Auto - Smartphone App Update Related

    My wife's waze says Oklahoma, mine says Okay (as in OK, which could be being translated as the state abbreviation.) Neither on Beta, my phone is a Galaxy S22, she is on a Zfold 4.
  5. 2023 Sarge Rubicon 392XR AEV JL370

    This is how I interpreted it. I also talked to my insurance company about this, and they said that I just needed to provide the AEV window sticker and they would add all of those bits to my policy, so effectively the same as having a Jeep windows sticker with it all built-in.
  6. How Can We Help?

    Can you please check on the floor mats 7LT60TX7AA on order 145055846? I need them in a bad way, and hoped to have received them by now. Thanks!
  7. 2023 Sarge Rubicon 392XR AEV JL370

    Pics or it didn't happen ;)
  8. 2023 Sarge Rubicon 392XR AEV JL370

    Sucks about Midland... back in the 70's they were a real US company with real US people taking care of customers. My parents were in a CB club and there were actual Midland employees that came to the meets and would help tune antennas and all kinds of stuff, and this was in the middle of...
  9. 2023 Sarge Rubicon 392XR AEV JL370

    Lookin' good! Keep goin :)
  10. 2023 Sarge Rubicon 392XR AEV JL370

    Yep, this is all Bulletpoint brand solutions, most from Amazon, but some bits (CB & Radio) were ordered directly. I will move the Mic down to the grab handle mount when it arrives and keep the Ham handset up high for both radio and my clubs currently seem to use it more than GMRS. The other...
  11. 2023 Sarge Rubicon 392XR AEV JL370

    For me, comments on wheels followed closely by RSE's... I think I will put them on any future Jeep I ever buy, they are that great!
  12. 2023 Sarge Rubicon 392XR AEV JL370

    I think their P320 Full Size would work. Probably worth giving it a try. My Legion is just a P320 Full with a bunch of lighter/stronger/faster bits, nothing that changes the gun in any way significantly. Or, this may mean I need to get a Carry sized, which would be a P320 XCarry Legion. A...
  13. GOBI JL Wrangler Club

    LOVELY!!!! I am saving up for that wheel/tire combo now. I love my 37" K02's on Gobi Savegre II's, but for serious stuff here in the southeast, I want beadlocks and M/T's!
  14. 2023 Sarge Rubicon 392XR AEV JL370

    All's fare I guess, now I need to order the universal drivers side. Who makes holsters that work with it? Need to find one for a Sig X5 Legion.
  15. 2023 Sarge Rubicon 392XR AEV JL370

    Thanks for the mounts and the support tips!
  16. 2023 Sarge Rubicon 392XR AEV JL370

    That sounds like a story for over a cold beverage after a great day on the trails :)
  17. 2023 Sarge Rubicon 392XR AEV JL370

    Didn't realize, not a major gun guy (only have 1 9mm pistol), and honestly bought it because it was quick and easy from Amazon. I didn't even notice the graphics as my phone is always covering it up (see below) I like the flexibility of your design better, but at this point I'm $300+ in mount...
  18. 2023 Sarge Rubicon 392XR AEV JL370

    See (post #121) in this thread for the Ghost on the Mast pic. I went Bulletpoint as well. WIll do a build thread soon so as not to keep hijacking this one :) <3 392OVRLND
  19. 2023 Sarge Rubicon 392XR AEV JL370

    I mounted my Midland antenna on the Mast and had the cable under the front seats. Tucked/Hidden everywhere except a little bit shows on the passenger side back seat. I am planning on powering it up this weekend and mounting it under the driver's seat as the Epic Kraken is going in the...
  20. 2023 Sarge Rubicon 392XR AEV JL370

    We have had some crappy weather recently (rainy/foggy day and night) and I have been running the skid light bar always on and had no oncoming drivers flash me for too bright. YMMV. Also, I will say that I have had many comments about how "Clean" and "Factory" the front end looks with really...