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  1. 392 XR | SteerSmarts End links

    I had originally planned on lifting my 2019 JLRU and purchased a set of SteerSmarts sway bar end links a few years ago. I never got around to buying a lift and instead bought the 392 XR. I figured that the XR is about 2.5" higher than a standard Rubicon suspension so I painted them to match the...
  2. 392 Catch Can

    I had an old Billet Technology catch can left over from our past 2013 SRT GC. Knowing the alternator has taken up that space it previously sat I was determined to repurpose the can somehow. I looked at the engine bay a few times and couldn't quite find a home until today. I laid the hood back...
  3. Track Bar/Sector Shaft Brace for 392 necessary?

    Excuse me if this has been discussed before. Did some searching and couldn't find the topic; I bought a Synergy Track Bar brace and sector shaft support for my current JLRU with the expectation that I may need it if I went to larger tires. Fast forward a year or so and I haven't needed to put it...
  4. Replace XR suspension?

    How many of you opted for the XR package and still plan on doing an aftermarket lift? I am tossing the idea around and considering doing a long arm lift on the 392 XR and moving the shocks/springs/wheels and tires over to my 2019 rubicon... Or am I nuts?