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  1. Let's see those JL's rockin Half Doors! 2 & 4 doors

    One more with the Trektop and front doors off.
  2. CavFab JL Inner Fenders (3.6, 2.0, 392, Diesel)

    I installed the artec inners and had to relocate the previously used grimm mount to grimm's under seat mount. Just for a comparison point. Annoying, but its actually easier to use with the under seat mount. the artec and cavfab ones look a little similar in that area, cavfab maybe a touch larger.
  3. Loving it!!

    Each side uses support brackets "door surrounds" which on the factory "cage" attach using four bolts through the cage to a threaded insert on the door surround (effectively clamping the door surrounds to the cage). Then the door surrounds have threaded inserts to attach the 3 cross bars...
  4. Let's see those JL's rockin Half Doors! 2 & 4 doors

    Here it is with the Trektop. It looks better with just the bikini and tonneau, but it’s still cold where I am, so they’re sitting in the garage.
  5. Let's see those JL's rockin Half Doors! 2 & 4 doors

    Mullet mode... kinda feels like a super long LJ now
  6. Best Tire Carrier for JL with 37s that doesn't require a rear bumper.

    I run the Teraflex hinge reinforcement + alpha spare tire mount + license plate relocate (license plate, third brake light, backup camera, and license plate light). Is the best integrated offering, in my opinion (but you pay $$ for it). Fit and finish is great. No rattle, no sag...
  7. Illinois Sold: (Free+Shipping) NIB Teraflex License Plate Relocation Kit

    Accidentally ordered two of these license plate relocation kits for the Alpha Spare Tire… free but you pay for shipping. https://teraflex.com/jl-license-plate-relocation-kit.html
  8. GenRight Front Bumper w/Winch Plate Install

    Nice! Jealous of your winch fitment, glad it worked out for you. Looking great! Along with others, amazed by the quality and craftsmanship of your build. I'm following your cage thread as well.
  9. GenRight Front Bumper w/Winch Plate Install

    Enjoy fitting the Zeon in. Had to grind down a lot of the winch and the inside of the frame horns to get a 10-S in.
  10. Illinois Sold: Used Rubicon Swaybar $250

    Rubicon swaybar and motor, pulled off at 14k miles. Dirty but perfectly functional, replaced with antirock.
  11. Bikini Top Recommendations

    Bestop makes the factory soft tops for Jeep, so yes. I ran a trektop for a year and liked it, but wanted a different look for my rig, which is why I now run a bikini-style top.

    I'll sell you mine for $6k
  13. Bikini Top Recommendations

    The slipstream is a neat product! The difference, for me, between Bestop and Master Top is what they do with the windshield header. I prefer the finished look of the Bestop and using bolts through the latch panels for what I think is more rigidity up front. I think Master Top has better material...
  14. Bikini Top Recommendations

    I run the bestop version during the summer with half doors and a rampage tonneau. I generally like it - it's obviously very loud on the highway in this configuration. Tiny bit of flapping if the rear straps come loose.
  15. How to add a CarPlay USB A port + 1 x QC 3.0 USB-A 18w + 2 x 20w PD USB-C ports on upper dash

    All done with the CarPlay USB. Dash is easy to take apart as you take your time. I fully disconnected the radio to have the most space to work - it’s all color coded, so easy to put back together. I used a step bit through the plastic and rubber tray. Helps to tilt the windshield out to get the...
  16. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Thanks, I know genright has their tank up for preorder now. Really like your build!
  17. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Did you use the rpm 3 link / 4 link conversion? did you have to relocate fuel tank? how much more flex were you able to achieve? This is something that I've been interested in...
  18. How to add a CarPlay USB A port + 1 x QC 3.0 USB-A 18w + 2 x 20w PD USB-C ports on upper dash

    Great write up! Trying it this weekend. US equivalent parts were $60 for me via Prime and are readily available. Expensive way to hide a cable, but it annoys me enough, so it’s worth it! I tried wireless CarPlay but perceived a loss in audio and touch/visual quality, so I’m committed to wired...