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  1. PPF and Ceramic Coating Pricing

    I had my wife's Sahara completely wrapped with Stek film when we first got it. I paid $4800 but I believe it is worth it since we plan on keeping it for a long time.
  2. Cloth seats and handheld vacuum recommendations?

    I use the Shark Wandvac. Can usually get on woot.com for $49
  3. How's your 2.0 MPGs lookin?

    I love my wife's 3.6 etorque turbo. We get 20 MPG on average.
  4. BLACK Wrangler JL Club

    My wife's Sahara. She really likes it.
  5. Oil change pro tip

    I don't touch the drain plug. I use an oil extractor to remove thru dipstick.
  6. J&L OSC vs. Mishimoto catchcan installation

    I installed the J&L can on Friday and checked it on Sunday. This is what was inside after two days.
  7. Gupton In Stock Units and Pricing

    You and your team are great. It was a pleasure working with you last year.
  8. Official: Jeep kills the Cherokee

    I guess Stellantis is comfortable with the Compass and Hornet so no need for the Cherokee.
  9. 15k miles and death wobble

    We had the same problem with my wife's stock 2022 Sahara. Dealer replaced the stabilizer this week. No wobble but I do have a Exact Center stabilizer in my garage ready to replace the stock one.
  10. Have I missed a fix for wandering steering issue?

    How did you install both at the same time?
  11. Death Wobble - 30 day backorder on replacement steering damper

    I took my wife's Sahara last week for wobble. They said 1 month to get the stabilizer. No loaner provided but Jeep cares said they would reimburse me if I decided to get one. My wife is driving it until the part arrives.
  12. Orders

    Ordered Dec 2021 picked up May 2022.
  13. Extended Warranty - Worth It?

    Get the Max it's worth it. I got it on my Pacifica and the Sahara. Used it to fix the adaptive cruse control on the Pacifica at 47K miles and only cost me $100 on the deductible. Would have paid close to $2k without the warranty.
  14. Granger & PPF/Tint

    I had to get the PPF fixed on my wife's Wrangler so it's best to use someone local.
  15. Dependabilty of E-Torque

    Our Sahara with e-torque is much smoother than our van with ESS. On my third ESS battery in the van.
  16. 7% Below Invoice on 2024 Jeep Wrangler Orders (including 392 and 4xe!)

    I just wanted to thank Zach and his team for the quick and easy transaction. Looking forward to picking up my son's new SUV.
  17. 7% Below Invoice on 2024 Jeep Wrangler Orders (including 392 and 4xe!)

    Does this offer apply to other Jeep and Dodge vehicles?