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  1. 2024 Willys - Anvil or Earl?

    Earl is more like an easter egg color, light, greenish, almost minty. Anvil is more a bluish version of Sting Grey. Very subtle blue, but definitely blue. One of the best ever Jeep colors.
  2. Are any of these Mopar options worth it?

    My thoughts: - Mopar all weather floor mats (good fit, good material, well engineered) - Plastic door sill guards. - Hard top headliner The rest are generally dress up items. The side steps might be a good option since it seems all aftermarket ones rust so quickly.
  3. 2024 Tacoma -- Here It Is! 🥊 Hybrid Model Added 🔋

    I really do like this. So glad they didn't make it too ugly, or overwhelming tech. You can still get a manual old school. EXCEPT I hate that huge view blocking screen. I watched a video last night of the interior and it's so intrusive. Would be nice if they had a version without that. As a...
  4. I need opinions on Katzkin seats. My head hurts.

    I think it looks great as is. The superman thing isn't my cup of tea, but this is the first set of aftermarket leather seats on a Jeep I've seen that I like, and the blue Rubicon looks right at home.
  5. What are you surprised Jeep DIDN'T include on the 2024?

    I am curious if this is based on any facts (that you can't share) or speculation?
  6. What are you surprised Jeep DIDN'T include on the 2024?

    Probably coming on an all new model in a few years. Here is my list of surprise missing items: 1) Cooled seats, especially on the leather 2) More color interior options at least seats (only red on 392, really?) 3) Some of the more flexible hard top options that have been seen in patent drawings...
  7. Rented a 4xe - my honest thoughts and assessment

    I understand yours and the other replies up above that it's not as complicates as perhaps I commented. I respect your well thought out position, but I simply have the point of view it's not worth it. The benefit simply isn't worth the negatives. I'm old school, I just don't want it. Another...
  8. Rented a 4xe - my honest thoughts and assessment

    Good read thank you. Long but not boring. Coming from someone who never plans to buy an electric or hybrid if I can help it, this re-affirms my opinions on the subject. That it's just another hassle to deal with, finding chargers, how much charge do I have, what's my mileage, is there an...
  9. Does this increase resale value of a wrangler?

    None of that unless it's a really specific buyer. Maybe the rock sliders but only if they are functional steps of some kind. 95% of Wrangler buyers just want a cool "car" and never look at that stuff. Rubicon name does get more. Now if you are just trying to justify the spend to yourself...
  10. Debating debadging

    I went for the simple look on mine and have been very happy with it. It included changing the badge color on mine to gloss black using OEM parts new from eBay since that is what I wanted. It's yours, do with it what you want, that is the best thing about Jeeps, it's normal. Besides, if you...
  11. Can we talk about the 2024 392 red seats?

    Yeah. I have a 392 and hate leather. At least mine is '22 so the seats aren't red. Haven't got seat covers yet but will. Seats are hot, and don't look good as they age.
  12. Trunk mat...WTF

    This is why I like Mopar first, then the expensive options (pricey but you know it fits perfect). I hate it when someone sells something generic part saying it is custom fit. Just return it, get a refund, leave negative feedback / review, and move on.
  13. FCA are a bunch of savages!!

    This hole is awesome. I use it often for my dune flag. If not for this hole, I would have to come up with some other solution.
  14. Installed My First Sound Deadening Mats

    Same here. I would really like to do this project, but only if it really makes a difference. If the loudness of interior conversations doesn't change, then it wouldn't be worth it. Or if more noise is coming from IP, or doors, or windshield frame, or even top, then it just would not be worth it.
  15. 392 Badge Problem

    Plastic will have a memory like metal (these badges are plastic), depending on the type of plastic and how far it is deformed.
  16. 392 Badge Problem

    If you take it through the car wash, the small fibers might get caught underneath and yanked t. It's a weird one.
  17. At What Level of Savings Would You Do Without a Fold Down Windshield?

    Makes no difference to me at all. I've owned Jeeps all my life, and when (JK) it became a long, complicated process, add to that it's like a bowl when folded down, that is when I said nah. I did actually remove it so it didn't look at stupid as it does when folded down on my JK, that was cool...
  18. Wonder why Jeep doesn’t make a “Utility” model?

    Oh yeah this would be so cool totally agree. No AC, maybe even no hard doors, just soft. Heck, make the top an option even like the CJ. Steel wheels, etc. The only problem is 1) Very few people will buy it and 2) Jeep will make little to no profit on this. However the engineering is...
  19. Jeep Unveils 7 Easter Jeep Safari 2023 Concept Vehicles [Updated w/ Videos]

    2 thoughts. 1) Jeep better make these fenders available through Mopar soon after showing them now for a few years on a few concepts. 2) Interested to see daylight pictures of this blue. Looks like a sweet color.
  20. Set my expectations: Downsides to Jeep ownership

    COMPARED to a normal car or SUV: - Noisy - Bumpy - Vague steering (this one is a big complaint by many) - Fuel economy not great (it is not aerodynamic) - Comparatively not as many features and options for your money (you pay for removable doors, solid axles, etc) - Mid range reliability As a...