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  1. Washington FS - Ursa Minor J30 Camper Top

  2. FS: Ursa Minor J30 Camper Top

  3. Labor Day Weekend Camping?

    Anyone else out and about this weekend gettin some camping in? Took the Aussie pup out for a little adventure.
  4. Ursa Minor Installed

    Ordered last Sept, got to take delivery of my J30 top at Ursa Minor today. Long day of down and back to Portland, but was fun seeing the shop/meeting John and shooting the shit about how he started this company. Looking forward to making a review vid from the perspective of a retired auto...
  5. Washington 3 piece mopar hard top.

    Sold to Stevenuw. Solid guy, came out on time, paid cash money. Good sport about swapping the brackets over as well.
  6. Prox Keyless Handle Failure - 6900 miles

    Just about ready to break 7k miles and the proximity touch-keyless stopped working on drivers side door handle. I took a look at it, confirmed the handle had failed (swapped passengers to confirm function), and then drove to the dealer. Their tech agreed - part ordered. Will be interesting to...
  7. F/S JLU OEM Hard Top - Available now.

    Sold to Stevenuw
  8. Chillin