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  1. Which Trail App?

    Interesting. I'll check out Gaia again, to see if it will be a good companion app for me to use. I haven't looked at it for a few years.
  2. Which Trail App?

    I’ve not used TOR carplay yet, looking forward to trying it soon.
  3. Which Trail App?

    I started with AllTrails but switched to TrailsOffRoad. Much richer feature set. The ability to download all maps a state at a time instead of individual trails, has great trail details and waypoints, lots of detailed photos, map view is much better, very active development and user community...
  4. Article: Jeep's Deep Problem (too much inventory; people don’t want to buy Jeeps)

    Quite the thread, and alot of strong emotions and negativity. I'll put myself in the camp of I love my jeep, I've been infuriated by some of the problems I've had over the years, but in the end I absolutely love the lifestyle vehicle that a Jeep is. It is a tonka truck for grownups, my kids...
  5. Changing Tire on the Trail???

    Seems a great tool to have a carry bag and small hitch mount to tuck it under the rear spare. Can't image taking that much space in the cabin with it (not to mention the rattles, rolling, or safety risks).
  6. Changing Tire on the Trail???

    Interesting! I had not thought of that scenario at all, clever. This is a time where a hi-lift would likely be necessary. A bottle jack likely would struggle in this scenario.
  7. Changing Tire on the Trail???

    Thx STW, I appreciate the thoughts on this.
  8. Changing Tire on the Trail???

    I might be missing something, but the same thing appears to be for sale from Summit Racing for under $20. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/aev-40306094aa?seid=srese1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvv-urIWA_wIV8xJ9Ch0rlAi5EAQYASABEgJ4JfD_BwE
  9. Changing Tire on the Trail???

    Wow that is spendy, but pretty dang cool! Thanks for sharing the link as well.
  10. Changing Tire on the Trail???

    Really good feedback and detail, much appreciated.
  11. Changing Tire on the Trail???

    Thx Kah, good info.
  12. Changing Tire on the Trail???

    Any recommendations on a scissor upgrade? I do have the spacer with the jack, so perhaps I don't need an upgrade.
  13. Jeeping in Tennessee

    TrailsOffRoad is a great app. I used to use AllTrails, but TOR is much better. Better maps and waypoints, better download capabilities, all around better company in my view.
  14. Changing Tire on the Trail???

    This thought process started with me realizing that I don't have good jack points for my hi-lift jack on my Rubicon XR with factory steel bumpers and rock rails. It quickly turned to reading a variety of threads where while some are pro hi-lift jack as a recovery tool, but surprised that many...
  15. Jeeping in Tennessee

    Thx 6.2Blazer, much appreciated. I certainly understand that there will be a significant difference, that is why I'm trying to get an understanding ahead of time and have appreciated all the input. The 'off-road parks' that you mention, are those pay to enter, a membership deal, or something...
  16. Level 3 bulletproofing is a $25,000 option

    Looks so heavy. Any way that this is below 3500 lbs? That Jeep in the photo must have airbags in the back.
  17. New ride😍

    Nice ride! Welcome to the forum.
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed a Warn EVO 10S. Waiting (somewhat) patiently for my Mopar winch guard hoop and my replacement bumper gap filler. Next step, go find a flat surface to tension the cable :).
  19. Mods from China!! [** ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS **]

    What kind of rims are on your rubi fastfat? Rig looks sharp.
  20. Bye Bye Extreme Recon

    They were expensive, however they are extremely well made and were exactly what I was looking for. I didn't want to lose any ground clearance and wanted something that looked tough. I will note two things, the production time took a while (however I ordered them early after development, so...