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  1. Anyone else absolutely luv this little beast?

    I love the tractor sound now but understand the dislike you have for it. I used to hate the start up but now I dig it.
  2. 35" and 37" JL pics with lift kit

    From what I've read so far 2.5 GC from Metalcloack will allow me to run 37x12.5x17 with 4.5 backspace and -15 offset. So decided to state saving up in hopes of purchasing the upgrade by November.
  3. 2023 "I Resolve to Offroad with Metalcloak" Giveaway is on!

    Juan Guiza In 2023 I Resolve to Offroad with Metalcloak! To fulfill my pledge I need: 1. https://metalcloak.com/jl-wrangler-3-5-game-changer-suspension-system.html 2. https://metalcloak.com/2-door-jl-wrangler-undercloak-integrated-armored-system.html 3...
  4. High Tide and Beach Editions are Back for 2023!

    I was thinking the same thing.....has 35s and a sun rider crap thing. Unless there are some cool engine or enterer upgrades look just some other off the lot wrangler that someone put 35s on. :CWL::CWL:
  5. Frame mount sliders for 2-Door JL

    I like Rusty's off-road sliders with kicker. Also has a pair without the kicker that almost looks like a step. I have his rear stubby bumper and tub guard which both have a awesome finish and arrived quickly. There's a video on YouTube of them lifting the jeep from the sliders. American made -...
  6. Bead Lock Spacers

    I do remember someone stating something about the thickness of the sidewall. I appreciate the response and it make more sense now. I'm not running anything that serious. 37" nitto trail grapplers or something similar.
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Can't go wrong with those half doors. I love mine
  8. Bead Lock Spacers

    I've been researching bead locks for awhile now and finally pulled the trigger. They'll be my off-road wheels for the most part. While looking around and searching for information I came across bead lock ring spacer. I can see the benefits of filling in the gap between the locking ring and wheel...
  9. Can you use 33 tire as a spare, while driving on 35s?

    I've also driven with spare tires for over all my adulthood. The reason I mention rotation of the spare is for even wear and longer life of the tires. You can get more than 40 thousand miles from rotating your fifth tire in. If tires are used to much or to aggressively after the manufactures...
  10. Anyone else absolutely luv this little beast?

    I modified my lance cowl mounted mirrors with a Dremel to fit the JCR doors. I like the way they came out just need to finish painting them up and remount them. I cut about three inches from the original post so that they wouldn't stick out so much. I didn't want to buy new mirrors when I had...
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I did the same to mine about six months ago and a few weeks ago I took a look at it and it was rusted. I removed it sanded it and sprayed it with high temp non-flammable paint. Also cleaned up those welds.
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I have no idea just kind of complaining :LOL: I've reached out to AEV about these for a two door and they said it would come out this past April and still nothing. I'm sure the answer is no but I'll ask the silly question anyway. Are the tub rails on the two door and four door the same - do...
  13. Anyone else absolutely luv this little beast?

    Your right I guess it all boils down to which one we think looks cooler right. Nice work👍
  14. New wheels and Tires

    I got Toyo Open country on my truck and love them. Was thinking of doing the same tires on my jeep but going aggressive with the tires. The malls around here can get rough.
  15. My Jeep

    how dare you :like:
  16. My Jeep

    I like the sage green. Been thinking of painting or wrapping mine in a flat army green.
  17. Anyone else absolutely luv this little beast?

    how's that Injen intake working for you . I was thinking of going with AEV but haven't really done enough research on either. I did their muffler delete so figured I'd stay with the brand but this looks good.
  18. Can you use 33 tire as a spare, while driving on 35s?

    Is it ten years now. Used to be five years from the born on date (manufactured date) . And I believe if your jeep isn't garage kept the wear from weather conditions will shorten that life span of your spare that just getting pounded on by the sun. So if the spare tire isn't rotated onto the...
  19. Can you use 33 tire as a spare, while driving on 35s?

    Always rotate your full size spare. Well you can do what you want obviously but but what tires cost now it doesn't make sense to me when ppl don't. I run MT and do a five tire rotation every 2500 at least.